Market Garden



This is a huge duel objective map. Having both size and a duel objective may sound good but its not really that great. First off the map is very large, even bigger than Mitchell Down, which means players are already going to be spread out quite a bit. Add the fact that both sides need offense and defense, and you split up the teams even more. If you had about 15 players on each side, you'll get an alright battle but I suggest more like 20 players a team. Aside from being an overly large map, the level design is really good. The houses and back alleys look really good. The two objective areas don't offer much defense, especially the Axis water tower. Its just too easy to come up around the wire fence from the water and get the Axis objective.

The technical side is very nice. The sounds are great: battle sounds on the war torn street, music from a few buildings, and even wind from the top of the bridge! I was unable to find any problems with spawn points. The textures and lighting where all first rate too. It just took so long to load because of the map's size.

Overall a nice map for large scale battles but if you can't find enough people its kinda boring.

Drill Sgt Dante




BT Openworld/Games Domain's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Level

                        Market Garden

A map produced by Splash Damage Ltd http://www.splashdamage.com

Title:			Market Garden
Filename:		mp_marketgarden.pk3
Map:			mp_marketgarden
Author:			Splash Damage Ltd
Level Design:		Wils - [email protected]
			RR2DO2 - [email protected]
Art:			Fluffy_gIMp - [email protected]
Description:		Multiplayer map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein


1) Place mp_marketgarden.pk3 in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein/main/
2) Start Return to Castle Wolfenstein from the shortcut
3) The map will be accessable from the multiplayer menus
   using the in-game browser

Gametypes supported:	Objective, Checkpoint, Stopwatch
Bot Support:		N/A
Single Player:		No
Multiplayer:		Yes

Build Time:		8 weeks
Compile Machine:	1000mhz AMD Athlon Thunderbird
			with 256mb RAM
Compile Time:		36550 seconds (radiosity with five bounces)
Base:			New map from scratch
Editor(s) used:		GTKRadiant 1.2.1-1.2.5


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