Market Garden

A remake of the very well known map

PS : a remake for ET will be made available soon .



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A remake of the very well known map

PS : a remake for ET will be made available soon .


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From The Swat Guys clan at


First:  Big thanks to the original makers of Marketgarden map! Excellent job!
Second: Big thanks to our Anxiety to patching things up and making this map even more fun to play! 

Q: Why did we modify great map?
A: We've been playing it on our server ever since it came out 2 years ago. Many people posted &quot;I wish I could change
this and that on the map&quot; etc, so at the end ... we finally did it.

Map is 99% finished - we leave 1% for bugs etc. So if you find any major ones or have any ideas you'd like to share with us, you can either email
me at or preferably visit our part of forums designated for this project at

We've added few more screenshots in addition to our previous one for v02.

                	I N S T A L L A T I O N

Same way as all the other maps: 
Extract the anx_mg_final.pk3 from this zip file to your Main folder of your
Return to the Castle Wolfenstein directory. .... done.

			F E A T U R E S

Someone asked &quot;why we didn't put details of what was changed on this map in the read me file&quot;? Well, here it is starting with Spawn point and going from Allied Command Center:

1. There was a lot of spawn camping going on for both Axis and Allies so to relax that a bit we created 1 additional spawn point for both sides. 
  	a) Axis spawn point in the house on the south side not far to the bridge. It has 	one open door from the bridge side and 1 closed door (destroyable by dynamite) on 	the other. On the first floor windows were fixed so no one can come in. Second 	floor's windows are wide enough for Axis to jump out. 
	b) Allies spawn is in the house on the south side by the canal. It has a door open 	from the canal side and the backdoor destroyable by dynamite.
2. Allied Command Center is open to a public. It has 2 floors with access to the balcony. Also you can climb a tree to get a better view/shot :) .
3. In the CC (Command Center) area, the fence was pushed back to create more room for fighting. It also has 1 extra mg42 and couple boxes to use as a cover. 
4. The Mansion Grounds Main Gate can be blown by either team's engineer. 
5. In the South side of the canal the very last house was open creating a better defense for Allies or better cover for Axis.
6. One of the lampposts can be climbed on- why? Well, get on it and see :)
7. Canal bridge on the North side is now accessible from both sides of these buildings attached to it. Both of those entrances must be destroyed with a dynamite. 
8. Modified sewers: there's additional path to the middle of the South street (needs an eng) and another to the corner of the S. street inside the open building.
9. On the side of a terrace going from memorial there are 2 small tree. You can use one of them to climb on top and get back to the terrace.
10. On the north side behind the canal houses... one of them creates an additional access to the tunnel separating North from flag area. Tunnel door has to be opened with dynamite in order to gain access to the house or below 2 doors on the ground level.
11. You can climb on the tree to hide by the north side stairway. 
12. South Street has an additional building opened which can be gained access to by either blowing up a hole in the wall from the flag area or by destroying a wall everyone was curious about &quot;what's behind that?&quot;
13. Corner of the South Street has an open building, which is best to control by either team. There's an mg42 on the 2nd floor window.
14. Broken house around the south street corner, clips were removed and you can climb on the side of its walls. 
15. Behind the forward spawn of the Axis on the corner of the bridge road, there's a small addition to the building (whatever that is). One window is open and door can be destroyed by either nade/knife/gun. 
16. You can climb on one of the lampposts at the front of the Axis Barracks spawn as well as the tree next to it. Also more towards the river there's another tree you can climb on. It was also pushed closer South allowing players to jump on top next to the houses instead of running around.
17. On the south waterfront - that bell tower is now accessible and you could jump on the top of the rooftops of near houses -if you'd like to.
18. Barbwire on the axis side near the river does 5-health damage if touched. And it's extended all the way south with a little hole to get through. 
19. North waterfront- you can climb on the tree and jump over the fence instead of going around.
20. On one side of the north courtyard building is open which you can also jump on top of. 
21. On the other side of that north courtyard there's this tall building which you can go all the way to the top and jump out only from the top window. It give Axis a little extra spot for a defensive position as well as for goomba kills- if you're playing Shrubmod :)P

                	K N O W N   B U G S

- By the Mansion's gate you could lean into the wall and see others coming- FIXED
- Bridge over the canal- it was missing the top and people were using that exploit to hide and shoot through the wall. (Currently converted to be fully usable in the game by both teams)- FIXED 
- When you plant dynamite at certain spots it doesn't give warning &quot;Dynamite planted&quot;- it seems that we've reached the engine limits on how many times it can be set to. We're still working on it trying to find a workaround. -NOT FIXED
- Only Allies engineers are able to see on the compass where they can plant dynamite. Axis engineer doesn't get those hints. Still working on it - NOT FIXED.
- In many places of the map people were loosing FPS - fixed.
- all soldiers (Med, LT, Eng, sold) had dark textures and were hardly recognizable up close and personal - Fixed.

OK, it's 4 o'clock in the morning and now I'm done with details, woo-hoo v57. 

See you guys on our server!

If I missed anything please let us know in our forums at

PS. ET Marketgarden in progress ....

			B I G   T H A N K S 

I'd like to thank Anxiety for finding time to modify this excellent map for us. And also I'd like to thank our =SG= Community for helping us test the maps! 

If you're looking for a server that hosts this map, you can stop by ours:    (usually full in the evenings)

                COPYRIGHT- permissions

You can do whatever you want with it, but we're hoping that mainly you'll be playing it :)

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