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Wow, this map is quite excellent! Gerbil has succeeded in creating an awesome old-church type atmosphere. The lighting throughout the map is...


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Wow, this map is quite excellent! Gerbil has succeeded in creating an awesome old-church type atmosphere. The lighting throughout the map is superb. Daylight peers through the stained-glass windows in a realistic fashion. Down in the cellar, a moldy fog looming over the ground is a nice touch. If you jump on the chandeliers, they swing back and forth! At the beginning and end of the map, organ music plays. There is even an organ you can walk up to and play yourself!

This map also includes a revolutionary new feature: The spawn times are automatically adjusted on-the-fly based on how many players are on each team! In addition, the Allied spawn time is decreased whenever the "alarm" is active.

Review by Subwolfer

I have been waiting for this map to come out for along time. This map is what it says, a chruch. The church is huge, with 3 walkways above the groud level and 1-2 underground levels. The map has the perfect lighting making for a eary feel to the map. Their are chandeliers that swing and a playable organ adding even more uniqueness to this map. The map is also unique in the fact that the axis are attacking and stealing the Relic and the allies are defending it (like ice). Axis start outside the church and have to go threw one of 2 doorways into the main church area. In this area it is dark blue lighting affect (like dawn) with realistic light coming threw the stained glass windows. Their are chandeliers haning over head, and alot of church benches designed like a real church. After you get in you can either go around the main church area or go into side walkways leading to the objective, the cellar, or higher levels of the main church room. The cellar has some cool walkways and even access to a sewer area. The sewer area has water with wood boards connecting opposite sides of the stream. This area is were you should most likely go to escape with the Relic. The Relic is located in a room close to the right side of the main room. I accessed the room by jumping down from the 3rd floor walkway onto some barrels, then onto the main room. The main room has the relic with a red glow around it, and has the playable organ. Unfortunately, i didn't play the organ too much, so i didn't see any sort of ghost. In the main room their is a walkway down to the cellar area where you can access the sewer walkways. After getting into their you find a grate that opens up outside the church. I then droped off the objective in the truck.

The objectives are:

The Axis objective is to steal the Relic and escape threw the Truck that is located outside the Church (where they spawn).

The Allies objective is basically to defend the Relic and wait till time runs out. They can also set off the alarm which lowers the spawn time for allies meaning faster spawn that gives the Allies an advantage.

The map has some very cool new things to it, and it is a great map. It is not a large map, but it uses its small size very well as it has multiple vertical layers making for more of an attack from above feel.

My opinion on the map:

My personal favorite part is being a trapese monkey and hoping from one walkway to the other by way of the swinging chandliers.

Good job on this map, if anything i would recommend adding some more rooms, or make it so the Axis have the plant dyno to get into the main way of the church, but can take the sewer access right away.

This map has a nice, fresh feel and look to it, i can't wait for it to get on servers and see the final.

Good Job Gerbil!

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-

Note: The source file for this map is available.

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To do this, delete any and all files named mml_church_(whatever).pk3 in your RTCW's main/ directory.
Failure to do this may cause you to be kicked from pure servers (which is virtually all of them).

Installation instructions:

Place MML_CHURCH_B3.PK3 in your RTCW's main/ directory.


It is the Autumn of 1944.

The Axis powers are in retreat - the German War Machine having pushed beyond it's limits.
The Italians have already crumbled, and the Allies are pushing north through Italy.
The Germans are getting desperate for any means to hold back the enemy.
During all this, German scientists become aware of a powerful ancient relic, supposed to hold terrifying powers that would enable them to stop the Allied advance, and destroy them once and for all.

Allied code-breakers scanning the radio-waves intercept, through the terrible interference, a message encoded using a top secret encryption code. It is seemingly of the utmost importance to the Axis:

'You ... get ... Relic ... all costs.
Prio(-ity) for ... (m-)ission comes ... ... Fuhrer ...
... available troops ... ... be sent ... ... abandoned chur(-ch) where ... relic is belie(-ved) to ...
This ... is ... in the ... (m-)ountains, south of ...'

Although unable to decipher the location, spotter planes have become aware of many Axis forces moving towards a central point, located in the mountains. It is believed they are responding to the urgent mission.

The Allies have to move quickly - the deserted church is ahead of the front line, and few troops are available to get there in time. No-one knows how serious the Axis are about this, it might well be a decoy - hence reinforcements will only be sent as they are needed.

Level info:

This map is designed for smallish teams, from 1 to 6 players.
It is small, and has a lot of vertical layers.
It also has a new feature - respawn times that change depending on the number of players in each team.
The more team members, the longer the respawn time.
Also, there is an alarm that Allies can switch on and Axis can switch off, that shortens the Allied respawn time.

There are a couple of easter eggs in there just for the bored ;)

Playing instructions:

To join a server playing this map:

1) Join as normal - RTCW will load the map up automatically.

To set up a server:

1) Load up RTCW in MP mode.
2) Choose 'Create server'.
3) Find MML Church (B3) in the list of SW / MP maps.
4) Set server options according to how you wish them to be.
5) Choose 'Accept'.

Level technical info:

Type:		MP / SW
Stage:		Beta
Revision:	3
Time taken:	4 months
Compile:	BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -filter -super 2

Author info:

Author:		[MML]Gerbil / G*0.Gerbil
Real name:	Barry Swan
Wolf WWW:
Clan WWW:


As ever, thanks for to my clanmates for their support and generally being a great bunch of guys.
Shrew must get credit for some of the ideas implemented.
Also thanks go to everyone in the mapping forum at - helpful and friendly a bunch of guys as you could ever hope to stumble across, as well as providing great ideas to improve this map.


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. 

This file may not be distributed with any modifications. 

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on ANY CD or distribute it in any way without my explicit permission.

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