Montezuma's Revenge

Based upon the Aztec leader of Mexico,his mighty spirit is now being sought out by Hitler's Army,believing the power of Montezuma may d...


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Based upon the Aztec leader of Mexico,his mighty spirit is now being sought out by Hitler's Army,believing the power of Montezuma may defeat the Allies. Here's a very unique map which breaks away from the usual atmosphere of most WW2 maps. The Allies are to get into the mine shafts and capture a relic contaning the former leaders spirit before the Axis can. The map starts with the Allies arriving by truck and having to enter the mine where the axis forces are hard at work trying to recover the relic,the map is basically 3 levels,with access by direct conecting slanting mineshafts or the usual ladders that take you from level to level. The map will be a treat for players who like an honest firefight and not a Lt. airstrike nonstop canister tossing contest.being below ground will force a Lt to participate in the objective. Narrow mineshafts and tight quarters will see lots of medics needed, with the usual Thompson and mp-40 crossfire to contend with,Osias has tossed in a treat of booby traps for both sides to deal with. relic statues spit fire and flames,darts come from the walls to add insult to inqury,and a vey clever stone trap that will crush a player if he doesn't pass carefully thru the trap.There are others..but I'll let you find these for yourself. Also a huge boulder sits atop an inclinded mine shaft for the Allies to make use of.{Whistling the Raiders of the Lost Ark Theme}as I type this :) The map is very good quality with a very original theme. I highly advise to take time..and explore the map before joining a server,an Allied runner lost and confused on an escape can be very costly. While the map is considered to be small in scale,it will offer a fast paced multi player treat for you. Enough reading this review...get it now! oh don't be surprised if you see a guy with a fedora and whip in the tunnels,he might just be looking for this relic as well for some musuem! Det Pak

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* Overview *
Map Name                : Montezuma's Revenge
Mapper and Scripter     : OSIAS
Release Date            : December 27TH 2002
Email Address           :
Home Page               :
My Web Page             :


* Installation Information *

- Unzip to your X:\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main folder where X = the drive you installed RTCW on. 


* Story *

The Axis in the never ending struggle for the powerful relics have stumbled across
Montezuma’s Resting place. A supposed Cursed set of catacombs.. Our undercover allied agents
reports to us that the axis have lost countless lives trying to extract his golden remains.
His remians hold great physic powers. This relic cannot fall into the hands of the axis.
Your mission is to infiltrate the catacombs and extract Montezuma’s golden remains out from
the nose of the Axis. Be Warned! These shafts have danger around every comer..


* Thanks to *

Mike Denny and Demoneye for helping me with the script.
To Tical for the model of the statue
To Rummie for making the ROQ video, Teaser trailer and objective and loadup pics.
To all the admins at 

to all the people that showed up to the beta test 

to demonspawn for helping fix a last second bug.


* About me *

This is my second RTCW release. I plan on having more. please email me feedback


This is a final copy !! only 2 bugs I know of is a spawning problem and a fireball that disapears behind the pool of water..


Finally please enjoy this i would love to have any feedback positive or negative @.

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