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This map is all right but needs something to improve it. The objectives are just too spread out and hard to defend. I hope the creator rea...


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This map is all right but needs something to improve it. The objectives are just too spread out and hard to defend. I hope the creator reads this so they know the problems. The flak cannon needs work done on it so it actually blows up. The escape door would be similar to the bunker door in the beach map but there are so many other entrances that its just an out of the way objective. The forward spawn point doesn't work so that the Allies actually spawn in advance. Axis dynamite can also blow up the objectives so be careful. The Allies are the default winners so the Axis don't actually win if the time runs out and the objectives aren't blown up. I don't say these things to put down the map but to try and help the mapper know the problems and fix them (its the maps beta, check the read me file).

Outside of those issues the map is pretty good. No other spawn mistakes that I found. Textures and terrain looks good. Some of the lighting could use a little work but works out fine. By the way, the maps name appears in game as Del4. Why? I don't know.

I think this map is okay now but with some work could turn into a very interesting and strategical map.

Drill Sgt Dante


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                                 ROCKET IN THE ALPS MAP

Title                          : mp_alps_rocket	
Date                         : 03/15/2002 
Filename                : .pk3
Author                      : -:>BODHI<:-	
Email Address       :
Description             : RTCW multiplayer Map	 
Additional Credits and thanks to:
Id,Nerve, and Grey Matter

And thanks to all the people at: and others that have written tutorial and apps to make Mapping easier.

Grunt     Grunt161   Bushboy    Hunt McFly  Ghostly Soljah
Pointy    Phatty_McGee     SCDS_reyalp   Masochist
Tunnelram   Hummer   HC_Tealc
- Play Information -

Players               : 8 to 16.
Bots                    : no

	>>>>>>>>TO PLAY THIS MAP<<<<<<<<

Put the mp_alp_rocket.pk3 file into your main directory, start a multiplayer game and select Del4 from the available maps.


Put the mp_alps_rocket.pk3 file into your main directory, and type one of the following at the console.

"map del4"
"devmap del4"

- Construction -

Base                          : From scratch
Editor(s) used          : QTKRadiant 124&125
Additional Tools      : Editpad,Pakscape,Corel photopaint 7,Namewhiz, Nphero's modeler,Q3ASE, milkshape,Easygen
Known Bugs             : none
Build Time                 : 4 weeks
Textures used           : RTCW 
Compile machine    : P3/800mhz o/c 1.07 ghz with 512 MEGS of ram, Windows XP 
q3map BSP Time     : 4540 sec
q3map Vis Time        : ?
q3map Light Time     : ?
bspc Time                   : ?
Brushes                       : ?
Entities                         : ?

- Other Comments -
This is a beta I guess. If it sucks too bad I'll just sh*t-can it. If it's worth saving posts your comments and suggestions for improvements at in the mods/maps section. Or e-mail me at address on this readme.

This is a large mostly Terrain map. It plays best with at least 8 players. Performs best with a Geforce card. There are 4 primary objectives on this map and one secondary. The Allies must destroy the; communations panel,the rocket lanch panel, the Escape door, and the Flak cannon. They must also raise the South flag. This map is great for people that enjoy long distant sniper action.  

- Copyright / Permissions -

All that stuff are belongs to Id,Nerve,Grey Matter, Activision. :-) 

This is an original map by -:>BODHI<:-. You should not include or distribute this Map in any sort of commercial product.  You may not mass distribute this level pak via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and DVD.Just kidding, you can do whatever you like with it.

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