MP Forestlights



You have come upon a combat ravaged abandoned village where your worst nightmares of urban style combat have come true. Everywhere there are places where your next step could be your last. Do you have what it takes to survive the dredges of village house to house combat?



Operation Forest Lights
By: Try3d

Game:                         RTCW MP
Classification:           Sniper Deathmatch Map - Custom
Release of Beta 2:   Feb 05 2006
Default settings:       30 min  
	               Axis Respawn:5 sec 
                                    Allies Respawn: 5 sec

Installation Notes: Put mp_forestlights_b2.pk3 into your RTCW main folder. That’s it!

Authors Notes:  Hello and welcome to the Beta 2 release of Forest Lights Sniper and Death match Map.
Note: This is the Beta 2 release. Which of course means that the map is incomplete. There will likely be some bugs to be ironed out, though I have pretty thoroughly gone through the map already.  There will be more added to this map in the future.
Some material within this map are from other great mappers that have graciously lent out their source maps so that others may learn from them. I and other mappers thank you for your gracious support to the RTCW mapping community.

Map History: Originally and still used as a resource test map for other custom maps; this map evolved to a point that it appeared to be perfect for a more serious Sniper map. With a very large amount of areas from which to snip from, this map will afford the serious snipers as well as the more hardcore Death match players a great place to get a lot of practice, revenge or to seriously hone your tactics.
 Since there are no real defined spawn points for both teams, within the map and very open and variable terrain – all will be at risk or have a good advantage in combat. Welcome to Urban combat.

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