title: MP-Industrial FRAGBETA file: mp_industrial_fb.pk3 author: Koen "D3C0Y" Verhaeghe ( or D3C0Y|Prophecy ) email address: [email protected] URL: none, still working on it. description: Final layout of MP-Industrial, but without objectives

play information

gametype: wolfmp, wolfsw new sounds: not yet :) new graphics: a few new textures

how to play: place the mp_industrial_fb.pk3 in your main folder and select it from the menu in game.


base: scratch editor: GTK Radiant 1.4.0 other programs: psp7 (graphics) know bugs: none known at this time. build time: overall, 3 months

important information

this is the first playable test only, it is complete enough to run on a server, and is meant as a test of playability only. you will see that the lighting is not yet fully polished in a lot of places. there are things scheduled to be remade and put in once there is enough feedback on what is needed or should be removed, some things are as follows,

- more lighting in quite a few places. - some building corrections

what is really needed is feedback on the frag-ability. There are other things i have not mentioned that are to be redone, so if you see something out of the ordinary be sure to mention it, all comments are welcome and appreciated !!

e-mail at [email protected] or pm me in the splashdamage forum D3C0Y www.splashdamage.com


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