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Allied forces are attempting to infiltrate the Bachem Ba349 Natter rocket plane production and launch facility. A redirected B-25 will provide air support for allied ground forces. Allies must destroy the power turbine near the base to disable the flak gun. Axis must defend at all costs!



Natterbase 1.2 - MP Level for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Pazur and Dacrow.

############### NOTE: PLEASE DELETE THE OLD mp_natterbase.pk3!!! ###############


What's new?:

Fixed from 1.1 to 1.2:
-wolf sw gametype fixed (was non-functional in 1.1)
-more light at some places.
-vertex lit door textures removed.
-some minor fixes (like left over clips removed)

Fixed from 1.0 to 1.1:
-Reduced entitycount. Map reset bug on 64 player servers should be fixed now.
-Hanging players on revival at radio room bug fixed.
-Place at dam where players could get stuck is clipped properly now.
-Bomb at bunker kills players at impact.

-Lightmapped models.
-Less ambient light. Radiosity is used instead.
-Gameplay improvements. Example: The path through the caves is shorter.
-Ivector texture mapping at caves.
-Cave water shader and skybox shader imporved.



Just extract the mp_natterbase1_2.pk3 into your "return to castle wolfenstein/main" folder.

You can play the map by choosing the map in the server options or
by opening the console and type "map mp_natterbase1_2".



Most brushwork, models, sounds and scripting was done by Pazur, with Dacrow doing additional brushwork, layout design and beta testing

The natter model is by Kain and skin/textures by Pazur

Some textures are taken from evil lair's texture sets (http://planetquake.com/hfx), Surface texture packs
(http://www.wolfensteinx.com/surface), Subverse texture packs (http://www.newlogicmedia.com/subverse) and
from Kingpin/Max Payne Textures available at Tram-Design Website (http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/tramdesign)
Prefabs used are taken from RTCW Prefabs website (http://rtcwfabs.rtcwarmoury.com/)

Big thanks to ydnar for the great Q3map2 and support during development!
Tram Clan and the RTG-Clan for beta testing the 1.0
Oliver(from the HP2 server) for some nice input :)
Gilles of Battlefield Europe for motivating me to release the 1.1 version.
WOD Clan for running my map on thier Server and for the gameplay suggestions for 1.2 :)



Feel free to email me your comments, suggestions or bugs.

email: [email protected]


Copyright / Permissions

You may distribute this archive in any format, providing that all original files are intact.

NOTHING may be used from this pk3 without prior permission from the authors.


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