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Name Maker Studio (NMS) is a FREEware "funname" creation tool for many of todays popular games and programs. Name Maker Studio allows you to...


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Name Maker Studio (NMS) is a FREEware "funname" creation tool for many of todays popular games and programs. Name Maker Studio allows you to use different fonts and colors that aren't accessible by default. This software is FREEware meaning you pay nothing for it. Name Maker Studio supports the following games and programs...

Quake/QuakeWorld (Full Support) Quake2 - RivCTF (Limited Support) Quake2 - Viking Server Mod (Limited Support) Hexen 2 (Full Support) Quake3: Arena/Q3Demo (Full Support) JumpGate (Full Support) Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Full Beta Support) Easy to use tool to get those cool colored characters into your name in today's hottest games. Quake3: Arena, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and more!

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Download '' (1.76MB)

****************** Name Maker Studio G2 v6.30 ********************

Name Maker Studio is a FREEWARE WYSIWYG "funname" creation 
tool that supports a whole mess of games, MODs, and programs.
This CD comes with the BASIC install of Name Maker Studio, 
along with the MOD BITMAP PACKS. This CD contains the most
recent version of Name Maker Studio when the CD was published 
so install this and if you like it check out my website at

Quake (Full)
QuakeWorld (Full)
-QuakeWorld MODs (Full)
Quake2 (Semi)
-RivCTF (Semi)
-Viking Server MOD (Semi)
Hexen II (Full)
-Hexen II MODs (Full)
Quake III: Arena (Full)

-NEW TO v6.3
-Removed Game/Applications that dont have full NMS, or Funname support.
*Removed ICQ
*Removed Unreal Tournament
*Removed StarCraft
-Added Support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein
-Changed back to the Classic NMS GUI.

-NEW TO V6.1
-Full support for ICQ. 
-I also did a full optimization on the Quake3: Arena 
funname maker. Now it will generate smaller output 
for your name, allowing you to use more characters.
-Tip/Usage button works.
-Full in software help.
NOTE: Unfortunately I haven'y had all the time in the
world to work on Name Maker Studio, I still have yet to
add full support for Unreal Tournament, but you can still 
get the same basic usage by using the ASCII Generator. 

Improved GUI, added support for JumpGate.
NOTE: This is a BETA release, the full release will support
the following...
+Full support for Unreal Tournament
+Quake3: Arena optimizer
+Tip/Usage button working
+Full support for ICQ and ASCII Charactermap

-NEW TO V5.0
Improved GUI, added support for Unreal Tournament, StarCraft,

-NEW TO V4.26:
Now works with Q3Demo.

-NEW TO V4.25:
Fixed the problem where if you minimized NMS the characters
would disappear and the save dialog, and I added the 
feature to export your name as a bitmap for web designers 
or anyone who wants to use characters from a game in a 
picture or some other weird thing. Added support for ICQ,
StarCraft, and Unreal Tournament

-NEW TO V4.15:
Fixed the image map so all the characters actually display
correctly now. Fixed the menu image, and also fixes the 

-NEW TO V4.13:
GameSpy support added, added some more features with saving.
You no longer need to manually add command lines into 
configuration files and *.nms files. You can save your name
directly into GameSpy now and I added a few things to the
menubar and kept the menubar from the v4.05 optional upgrade.

-NEW TO V4.00:
Name Maker Studio G2 v4.00 is now 100% WYSIWYG, and is now 
ALOT faster than before...Just download/install NMS-G2 v4.00 
to check out all the new changes in NMS!

To Install Name Maker Studio, simply run the setup file,
it will guide you through the installation of NMS.

Name Maker Studio is provided as FREEWARE without any warranty of
any kind. The author no the publisher of this cd are in no way 
responsible for any damage caused to your computer. If you need help
please check my website for answers before you email me. I post alot
of the questions and answers asked in my help section of my website

Programming by Steve Sanford, 
Copyright ©1999 Steven Mark Sanford - All Rights Reserved
Thanks to for hosting the Name Maker Studio
homepage. If it wasn't for these guys I would NEVER have gotten the
exposure I'm getting now. I'd also like to thank PC Action magazine,, and the guys on's message board.

Name Maker Studio (NMS) is Copyright© 1999-2001 Steven Mark Sanford, 
RamPage Software - All rights reserved.

EMAIL: [email protected]

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