Map description:

Allied forces are attempting to infiltrate the Bachem Ba349 Natter rocket plan...


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Map description:

Allied forces are attempting to infiltrate the Bachem Ba349 Natter rocket plane production and launch facility. A redirected B-25 will provide air support for allied ground forces. Allies must destroy the power turbine near the base to disable the flak gun. Axis must defend at all costs!

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Download '' (17.57MB)

MP Level for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Pazur and Dacrow.

Game Types: Wolf MP, SW, CP

Although the map should work ok with any version of RTCW, it is recommended that version 1.4 or above be used.



Just extract the mp_natterbase.pk3 into your "return to castle wolfenstein/main" folder.

You can play the map by choosing the map in the server options or
by opening the console and type "map mp_natterbase".



Most of the brushwork/design, models, sounds, scripting and some textures was done by Pazur, with Dacrow
doing additional brushwork and design

The Bachem Ba349 Natter model is by Kain and skin by Pazur

Some textures are taken from evil lair's texture sets (, Surface texture packs
(, Subverse texture packs ( and
from Kingpin/Max Payne Textures available at Tram-Design Website (

Prefabs used are taken from RTCW Prefabs website (

Big thanks to ydnar for the great q3map2 and support during development

Thanks to Tram-Clan ( and RTG-Clan ( for beta testing



Feel free to email us your comments, suggestions or bugs.



Copyright / Permissions

You may distribute this archive in any format, providing that all original files are intact.

NOTHING may be used from this pk3 without prior permission from the authors.


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