Night Raid



In Brief: Great atmosphere, spectacular detail, and many unique features (like a moving tank that targets you) make Night Raid a must have. However, this map is not for those who are afraid of the dark!

The story is: An Allied unit has managed to reach an important town deep in Axis territory. On this foggy night under cover of darkness, they have 15 minutes to steal a set of vital personnel files and escape in the truck before superior Axis reinforcements can arrive...

     On the surface, Night Raid looks like an excellent map: a detailed town, heavy fog and nighttime combine to create great atmosphere. But dig deeper, and it gets even better!      The focal point of the map is the Main Building, a five-story office building. Each level is filled with rooms, many of which don't serve any particular purpose. But that's not a bad thing... it doesn't hurt to have extra detail, and there's plenty of places to hide! On the fifth floor are the documents. The roof is accessible, and parts of it can be destroyed to give the Axis a camping spot overlooking the docs. On the other hand, if the Allies do grab the docs, they can take the garbage chute straight down to a dumpster just outside the building.      The layout of the streets, buildings, and objectives can be confusing until you've played a couple times. Allies spawn next to a pond. Cross that pond, and you can capture the Warehouse forward spawn flag and go to the Main Building. On the opposite side of the Main Building is the Axis Compound/spawn point. Past the Axis Compound and through a beautiful park is the escape point (to take the docs to). Aside from the main areas of the map, there are numerous other buildings in out-of-the-way areas. Many are accessible (interesting breakable wooden doors.) Their main functions seem to be added detail, hiding places, and access points to the sewer network. A complex sewer system runs under the city. You can sneak past the fighting on the streets to almost any locale on the map. But beware! You'll get lost easily! There's also a nice cemetery. Have an engineer destroy the coffin to gain an extra route into the sewer system.      Night Raid boasts a neat feature I've never seen before. From the Axis compound a Panzer tank can be summoned via radio. Call it, and watch as a garage door opens, the tank rolls down the street, rotates it's turret, and stands ready to target and destroy advancing Allied forces! But the Allies can call in a heavy airstrike from the encampment at their spawn point, destroying the tank. Here's where the strategy and teamwork come in: there's only one tank and one airstrike per round. And someone from either team can call either one, in either order. So if an Axis player sneaks into the Allied spawn, he can use their airstrike before the tank is in position to be destroyed, thus leaving the tank indestructible for the rest of the round.      For general play, Night Raid is up to par with some of the great MP maps like Marketgarden. But for organized, strategic battles where teamwork is prevalent, Night Raid is unmatched.

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a map for return to castle wolfenstein


Screenshots etc. at: www.entim.net/rtcw/nightraid.html


Unzip mp_nightraid.zip to the "C:Program FilesReturn to Castle WolfensteinMain" folder.


Version: 1.0
Title: Nightraid
Filename: mp_nightraid.pk3 (contains all related files)
Author: Kyzrati (A.K.A. [SM]Misshapen Sheep)
Other Levels by Author: never
Email: [email protected]

This is my FIRST (and probably last) map for any game. It was lotsa fun to make, and I actually didn't quite have time to implement everything I wanted to, but life away from my computer awaits... (damn)


Surface (http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/surface/), which I really found to be the #1 site on mapping for noobs (which I was several weeks back when I decided for the first time to actually make a map...). his site has everything a noob could ever need, great visual explanations on almost all the basics to rtcw mapping...

Of course, once I graduated from noobdom, it was Tunnelram's forum (http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/tramdesign/) where I found the answers to many more difficult questions. 

Nerve and ID, for making the only FPS I ever played for more than a month (since Doom 2 anyway:)

My brother for doing semi-final checks.

The [SM] (scary monkey) gang for crowd-testing the beta. Eah Eah Eah! o[@.@]o (www.omgwtfsm.com)

My favorite Janitor, PIZDETS, for his good advice on the beta that lead to some important game-play changes!


An Allied unit has managed to reach an important town deep in Axis territory. On this foggy night under cover of darkness, they have 15 minutes to steal a set of vital personnel files and escape in the truck before superior Axis reinforcements can arrive...

Allied Objectives:
1. Primary Objective: Steal the Axis personnel files.
2. Primary Objective: Escape with the files in a truck waiting to the southwest.
3. Secondary Objective: Break into the Warehouse.
4. Secondary Objective: Take the Warehouse Flag.
Axis Objectives:
1. Primary Objective: Prevent Allies from stealing the personnel files.
2. Primary Objective: Stop the Allies before they escape with the files.
3. Secondary Objective: Disrupt Allied raid by guarding the Warehouse.
4. Secondary Objective: Defend the Warehouse Flag.

Game Type(s): MP and SW modes ONLY (none of that checkpoint crap)
Number of Teams: 2, Axis and Allies.
Recommended # of Players: 20-30, supports 20 players per side, 40 total

Spawning: Many of the Axis, realistically, start rather scattered about the map (some in their homes, some in the Axis HQ, some in the lookout tower... some just about everywhere), but after the start of the round all respawning will happen in the HQ and main building. Allies all spawn across the pond at their makeshift operations center, and can respawn in the warehouse if they capture the flag.

One unique aspect about this level I should mention: the Axis can call for panzer (tank) reinforcements. The tank will defend the intersection west of the warehouse, and is indestructible, EXCEPT against the allied airstrike. "THE" should be capitalized as the allies can only call for ONE special airstrike per round (this ain't yer lieuts little piece of crap). If the tank is defending the warehouse when the bomber wreaks havoc on the center of town, it's history. There are many possibilities for these two weapons (i was going to add more, but ran out of time); too bad the noobs will no doubt screw everything up in all but the most serious of games... Of course, it's fun nonetheless to watch the tank blow away incoming allies, and see people run for cover when they hear the bomber approaching.

There are also a number of secret passages, many of which connect important locations throughout the town. Most of them are relatively unmarked, however, and it will take experience and logic to find some... (along with the occasional random panzerfaust or nade...)


Editor: Wolf SDK
Design/Compile Machine: 1.0 Ghz Pentium III, 256 MB RAM
Compile Information (q3map 1.0): ~41939 s (comp cant handle -extra)


IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: due to the very dark nature of some of the map, it became very difficult to make it work well in all lighting modes; I chose lightmap mode as the base (of course), so running this map in vertex lighting mode will result in numerous lighting and graphical anomalies. USE LIGHTPMAP MODE!
Also, obviously turning your brightness / r_mapoverbrightbits to rediculous levels will also ruin the atmosphere... if you don't like the dark, FIGHT INSIDE or wherever there is light! Many areas are well-lit, pick your fights... Personally, I like the idea of runnning around in a dark, foggy environment; it's just FUN (even if other bastards play in brighter modes just to get an advantage).
I'm well aware of the controversy behind maps like this, but it was too neat an idea to pass up:) Screw it, it's a neat effect.

-some video cards will undoubtedly have trouble with certain aspects of the level: fire, fog, etc. make sure you have the latest drivers and experiment with options if something doesn't look right. (cause it sure as hell looks right on my card)

-the openness of this level will unfortunately mean high r_speeds (reduced fps) around the center, but i managed to keep them under control for the most part through careful construction... the worst speed I experienced hovered around 25000+, where my fps was just under 45, but the average is between 10 and 15 (not averaging any inside areas which are all just fine. anyone with a system equal to or better than mine (which, by now, should be many people considering mine is several years old), will have no trouble.

-i originally prepared a nice terrain map, but abandoned it in the end since: 1) you cant see the terrain very well in the dark anyway, and 2) by its nature, normal terrain doesn't allow cool lightmap shadows, which i couldn't bear to part with:) As a result, although the physical terrain was created normally, it is covered with regular textures, and not the blended alphamap textures i had made; oh well... (i attempted to compensate by extra manipulation of vertexes in all three dimensions, not just vertically)


this file may not be distributed with any modifications.

this .bsp may be distributed ONLY over the internet and/or BBS systems.
you are NOT authorized to put this .bsp on any CD or distribute it in
any way without explicit permission of the author.

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