Normandy Breakout

Tom "Menzel" Haskins returns with his 3rd RTCW map..and what a return.The map entitled "Normandy Breakout" is based on the true events o...


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Tom "Menzel" Haskins returns with his 3rd RTCW map..and what a return.The map entitled "Normandy Breakout" is based on the true events of WW2.In June of 1944 the "Allied" forces invaded France to take back Europe. The Germans had held the French people and it's towns under their control for most of the waring years.Now the cold hard facts are approaching upon them fast..the war is going to be won or the here and now...each battle could spell disaster for either side. Now the story,the Allies have pushed cross country and entered the town,and are ordred to destroy the German 88 artillery cannon which is now pounding the streets..and them as well. An Allied field command radio has been set up to call in re enforcements,the Axis orders are to destroy it and stop the Allies from destroying their gun and advancing any further into France.A nice dual objective map. Menzel was inspired from the real battle from St. Lo and has recreated the battle with astonshing accuracy..stone streets huge archways with town gates.The map's layout is tight quartered with inevitable firefights mid street.Menzel has added blown out burning buildings that are partially useable as defense or offense as incoming shells hit the streets and buildings,pieces of stone and debris can be seen from the impacts! A new massive 3 story church on the axis side of town will make the snipers of RTCW love this map even more..but there's a nice touch to hurt them,just explore the map and you'll see. Menzel's latest edition to his mapping skills is a menacing U.S. P-51 Mustang that flys over the town dropping bombs! So Axis forces keep your heads up..and Allied players can use the plane as a guide to lead them to their goal. Also he's imported a custom model car of the era that's been bombed..hope he was insured! As to sounds,well I'll let you be the judge of that,but if you have nice pc speakers..turn em up.There's all new custom sounds...well over a dozen. Each class will play key roles on the map,and yes all of them are needed.Menzel has masterfully fused the tight streets into a central hotel area for the maps key capture area. Soldiers and Medics may lead the way with an Engineer or 2 close alternate path for the teams is to use the sewer system to cut across under the town.The Engineer will be needed to gain access on the far end of the map.A gate design allows both teams to enter but..not be able to exit on the far end.So keep that dynamite handy. Lt's won't be able to airstrike quite so often on "Breakout" his skills as ammo dispenser will make him possibly the most valuable member. Testing the map on Menzel's test server I had an absolute wonderful game each time,the map is well balanced,if one team decides to take defense and hold back on offense the map will keep you coming back for more! While the axis gun is in the open and easy to access it's surrounded by open windows from 2 sides for defense,on the other side the Allies are upstairs on the top floor in a much smaller room to defend. "Breakout" like Menzel's 2 past releases "Tundra Outpost" and "Foo Fighter" will require teamwork..absolute teamwork,no hotdog solo heroes will make it to destroy the goal alone,if RTCW was designed for teamplay,this is it! IF servers would set up for a max lives feature this map would be one of the most realistic WW2 maps to play online. Menzel's "Breakout" map was in development as far back as March and was actually put on hold so he could complete "Foo Fighter" some may compare this to "Market Garden",true both maps are in scale and size,and both have dual goals,but Breakout stands alone as one of the most teambased maps to play online.And if your asking if Menzel sent me a check to write up this review? No..I should have sent him one for allowing me to do the sounds for this map Tom the checks in the mailEnjoy! Det Pak

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein custom map
Title                   : Normandy Breakout
Version                 : Final
Release Date            : 09/02/02
Filename                : mp_breakout.bsp
Game Types		: MP CP Modes
# of Players		: 16-48+ (currently spawnpoints for 24 players per team)
Author                  : Tom "Menzel" Haskins
Email Address           :
Homepage		:
Other maps by author	: Tundra Outpost (MP_Tundra)
			: Foo Fighter (MP_Ufo)

---General Information/description---      
Normandy Breakout. The Allies are pushing the Battle for Europe inland. American infantry forces must disable a German 88 Artillery gun before Armored Divisions can proceed into St. Lo.

Allied Objectives:
Primary Objective	:Destroy the German 88 gun to allow armored divisions to move forward.
Primary Objective	:Defend the Allied Field Operations
Secondary Objective	:Capture the reinforcement Flag
Secondary Objective	:Destroy the Church Gate to gain access to the sewers.
Secondary Objective	:Defend the Back Alley Wall

Axis Objectives:
Primary Objective	:Prevent the allies from destroying the German 88 gun.
Primary Objective	:Destroy the Allied Field Operations center to disrupt the invasion.
Secondary Objective	:Capture the reinforcement Flag.
Secondary Objective	:Defend the Church Gate
Secondary Objective	:Destroy the Back Alley Wall

--- Installation ---
Extract the mp_breakout.pk3 file to your "X:Return to Castle WolfensteinMain" directory, Where X: is the root directory you installed Wolfenstein in.

--- Special thanks to ---
Det Pak ( for the custom sounds and for all the input with map ideas.
-iNw-H&K S.Gautreaux and Scimitar of Invasionworks ( for the use of the destroyed car model.
Matt Bell AKA Urgrund ( for the textures, insightful info and tips.
Charter Communications Miami regulars and Admins ( for all the help, tips, feedback and great experiences. 
All beta testers for the suggestions and putting up with all the builds.
SubWolfer ( for catching those last minute fixes when I was too fatigued to see straight.
Kevin Bolt AKA Boltyboy ( for pointing me in the right direction with the lighting issues.
Tram Design ( for being a wealth of knowledge on RTCW mapping.

Last but not least, all server admins who runs this or any other custom RTCW community maps.

---Copyright / Permissions---
This level is copyrighted by Tom Haskins 2002.
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission.

You MAY distribute this PK3/BSP through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

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