Olivet Castle

Olivet Castle.zip


Another adventure single player for RTCW made by Ronboy.



Map: Olivet Castle
Author: Mike Smith (Ronboy).
Instructions: Put the pk3 in your rtcw main folder. Type /spdevmap castle1 or /spmap castle1 in the console and enjoy.
Custom Sounds: Yes- 3
Custom Music: Yes- 2
Custom Models: Yes- 2
Custom Textures: None
Credits: Vicpas and Eugeny @ splash damage forums for help with various problems.
Editor: Gtk Radiant 1.4.0
Build time: 2 to 3 weeks
Known bugs: None
Complile Machine: Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition Service Pack 3 with intel celeron, 2.93GHz, with 760 MB of RAM.
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Our spies tell us that there is a castle, named Olivet Castle in Southern Germany. Supernatural activity is reported to be taking place there. You must infiltrate the castle, killing any resistence along the way.
Sgt. Engle will escort you to Olivet Castle. You will be on your own afterwards.
				Good Luck, B.J.
				OSA Headquarters

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