Omaha Beach

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This map is alot like the beach map set on a cliff. The cliff overlooks the Allied spawning boats and its real easy to rain down rockets and airstrikes upon frustrated americans (this tactic can be really cheap if abused). The inside of the base has the Secret Documents close to the outside which balances out since the route the Allies need to take afterwards is quite open. To one side of the map is an iron signal tower which can be climbed and offers a good spot to snipe from, maybe too good. There is also a path in the middle of the cliff covered with barbed wire. Maybe the maker thought it could be useful if one could get around the wire but you can't so it isn't. Gun placements are odd in places but excellenant in others.

Behind the scenes is pretty good in this level too. The spawn points really need to be fixed. They are perhaps the biggest problem. The textures are great and the doors work with no problems. The objective markers don't register the break through in the walls though.

All in all this is a good map. The balance can get bad if the Axis choose to be cheap but its still fun. Take it for a spin and I think you'll like it.

Drill Sgt Dante

New File Updates

The beach and Allied spawning boats have been pushed back to make getting blown up as soon as you leave the boats less likely (Although it was very likely in the real invasions, this is a game and we want to have fun.). It's now a little harder to get out of the base with the documents which should bring the rest of the base into play more. The water isn't such a hassle and a doors been put in for extra cover. Spawn points have been fixed too. Yes!

Overall the maps more balanced and the action is better spread out. Script errors have been fixed aswell. A good map just got better

New File Updates



  Wolfenstein Map Spec 

Any earlier -pk3 files with the same name should be owerwritten.
Put the mp_omaha_2.pk3 file in your "C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main" directory and that should do it.

---General Information---
Version: 1.1
Title: Omaha Beach
Filename: mp_omaha3.pk3
Author: Drakir 
Other lvls by author: Bridge, Big Guns, Shooting Alley, Duel Grounds for Wolfenstein.
Home page: http://www.drakir.nu
ICQ: 28533421
IRC: #vsop (quakenet)

Additional Credits to: Arne a.ka. "Enra" of clan Very Superior Old Pals, [VSOP], http://www.vsop.nu, for playtesting and script helping. 
And offcourse thanks to everyone who plays it, hope you will enjoy it.
Special thx to all that emails me about suggestions and improvements, couldnt do with out ya.
And Blaster at Blasters Map Central for being great with hosting my maps on such short notice and last but not least all newssites that tells the news about new maps.

---Play Information------
Game Description: Allies are trying to steal the docs in the Axis base.
Game Type(s): MP and SW only
Scoring Information: Normal RTCW scoring.
Number of Teams: 2, Axis and Allies.
Recommended # of Players: 10-20

---Map Information-------
New Texturs: Nope
New Sounds: Nope

Base: Build from scratch.
Editor(s) used: GTK Radiant 1.2.4 and Wolf Radiant for compile.
Compile Machine: PIII 900mhz, 384mb, Geforce2 Pro
Compile time: 1 hour.

---Version Info----------
-Renamed the map to only "Omaha Beach" instead of the longer name "Omaha Beach Invasion".
-Got the spawn to work, a slight miss of some spawnflags. Seems to be a bug in Wolf Radiant when moving spawnpoints around, they then loose some of their spawnflags.
-Made the beach a bit longer after a suggestion from a player.
-Moved the spawnboats away from the beach so that there a much longer to them for snipers and good-aimers.
-Lowered the water surface to make it easier to move in, you now onlt move above the surface no more swimming.
-Small fixes to a texture miss, some blinking in Vertex mode fixed.
-Changed textures on some stuff to make it look better in Vertex mode.
-Made it a bit brighter overall, some said it was to dark in some places.
-Added a door to make the "short passage" not so open from the main complex.
-Made the small stairs to the "back stairs" explodable by dynamite to make escape a little harder that way. Seemed to be a to fast getaway in the test rounds on previous version.
-Also made the roundtime 10 minutes instead of prev. 8 minutes. Seemed a bit short before and now with the longer beach to short time to get the job done.
-Got the objectiveflags to show proper status when goals are taken or blown. A small miss in the scriptfile.

---Known Bugs------------

---Additional Info-------
I´d love to here if you like it and if you are putting it on your server.
And offcourse if you have improvements.
The .map file can be contained by e-mail, DCC or ICQ.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. 

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.

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