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- Unzip to your C:\Return to Castle Wo...


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* Installation Information *

- Unzip to your C:\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main folder.

* Description *

Re-made for, from dm_arena. OGG approached me and asked for the map to be in the event. I knew there we're numerous bugs about dm_arena, and furthermore aspects of it that really arent needed for a true tourney competition, the kind that have.. So i felt compelled to give the map a make-over and tailor it to this specific Competition. It is still a DM style map. however there is a flag now; but that is only for additional points... which certain mods can disable if they wish.

Ultimately, this is not a recomended pub map, except amongst friends.. Better suited for clan practice/scrims & or web sponsored events. It needs to be monitored, etc..

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* Overview *

Title                  : Online Gamers Guild Tourney Arena 1
Filename           : oGg_tourney1.pk3
Author               : shLep
Release Date     : 12AM 2-23-03
Email Address   : [email protected]
Home Page       :
Sponsor            :    
Game               : Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer


* Construction *

Map base               : dm_arena 1.1 & beta (by: shLep 2002)
Custom prefabs       : dm_arena, and some minor items from beach/base
Editors used            : GTK Radiant 1.2.11
Other utilities used   : EasyGen, Q3MAP2, Crimson Editor
Known bugs            : see below. please email me [email protected]

* Map Info *

BSP -meta: 

1 min

-light -fast -filter -super 2 -bounce 8:
1 hour


*Final Release Fixes*

-replaced previous "patch" arena ground with real terrain! yay. no more leg disapearing bugs..
-removed entire sewer access & tunnels
-removed access to upper balconies
-added a flag for points
-changed the arena's debris a bit
-some brush re-working, trying to clean it up
-changed atmosphere 
-removed numerous mapping "areas" that weren't needed.


Known Bugs:
- 1 that stll chaffes my ass, but i didnt have time before the OGG event happened to correct it. there is some weird brush glitches/twitches.
you will notice it while looking at a 1 of the 2 towers from far away, you'll see strange lines, like theres another brush in that spot. Does not effect anything at all..
- Sadly in wolf without making a new mod, there is no way, that i know of atleast, to make a team or player win by points only. The winner is determined from objectives or the default winner for the time expiring...
Wasnt a big deal with OGG, shouldnt be for a competition. Axis always wins, but the points will clearly show who killed the most.
* Thanks to *

Everyone at The Tram Forums;
tunn, osias, halister, demoneye, demospawn, b0lty boy, nib and countless others. cheers to Tram!

Team MX

And Of course, God bless the Online Gamers Guild.


* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is (c) by (2003). All rights reserved.
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, or any of it's assets (models,
textures, sounds, etc) i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission! You MAY distribute this PK3 and associated files through the (internet, FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.


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