Operation Desthshead

Operation Deathshead.zip


A new adventure single player for RTCW made by Ronboy.



File Name: Operation Deathshead
Version: Final
Levels: Two levels
Author: Mike Smith (Ronboy)
Instructions: There are 2 methods to run this mappack.
Put the Operation Deathshead folder in your RTCW folder (not in Main!). This addon uses 2 additional weapons (mp44 and carabin). Please make a backup of your original qagamex86 and cgamex86 DLL files before using the files provided in this addon. 

First, make sure that the 2 DLL files provided (qagamex86 and cgamex86) are outside the Operation Deathshead folder, but not in the Main folder. Overwrite the 2 DLL files in your Rtcw folder, where the game shortcuts for sp and mp are located.

1. Launch the game via the provided shortcut. If the shortcut doesn't work, you have to edit it.

2. Launch Rtcw, clicking on options, mods, and Operation Deathshead. Type /spdevmap bunker or /spmap bunker and enjoy. 

Custom Sounds: Yes, a lot
Custom Music: Yes, some
Custom Models: Yes, a lot
Custom Textures: Yes, some
Credits: Backsnip3 @ splash damage forums for the dead allied soldier models and some help, Eugeny @ splash damage forums for help, Vicpas for being an excellent helper and tester, AlexDOK for some levelshots and testing/advice, Aidendemon for testing/advice, John Warner for testing/advice, shurr for the broken clonetube model, helping me use GoldWave, and testing/advice, Yo$hik for the lab levelshot, WL6 @ the Splash Damage Forums for finding the nazi eagle flag and SS flag textures, SSF Sage for testing/advice, Michael Husson for testing, Tzs for testing, Alexandre for the Additional Weapons, and anyone I might have missed.
Tools used: Gtk Radiant 1.2.11, Q3map for compiling, Winamp for sound conversions, and GoldWave for adjusting sound volume.
Build time: 3 years off and on
Known bugs: AI doing strange random things at random times.
Testers: Vicpas, John Warner, Aidendemon, Shurr, Alexdok, Tzs, Michael Husson, SSF Sage.

NOTE: After some thought, the .rcd files have been included in this .pk3 file. Also, this mappack uses custom music. It is recommended that you turn down the music volume some in the system/sound menu.
TIP: I have discovered that if you walk up to a friendly AI and press the "F" key on your keyboard, that AI will follow you around and help you fight enemies. If you press "F" again, they will stop following you. Keep this in mind, because your friends may be helpful to you.

Compile Machine: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64-bit with AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 5000B 2.60 GHz with 4 GB RAM.
Emails: [email protected] OR [email protected]
Website: http://ronboymaps.webs.com
Please email me if you have any questions or comments.
Mission: Our spies have informed us that the Germans have a secret xlab near a bunker complex. The only way to reach this xlab is to go through the bunker. Our spies also report that Deathshead is going to the xlab to begin creating another Super Soldier. We must stop him before the Super Soldier is created. You will be taken to the complex along with your fellow soldiers. You must make it through the bunker, eliminating any resistance along the way. Deathshead must be stopped at any cost.
Good Luck, B.J.
OSA Headquarters


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