Operation Redmoon RTCW - SP




Unzip and run the installer. If someone wants to make a mirror with a zip file only do it. But must include this read me file.

I will not give support to anybody installing this game in the wrong folders!

the folder MUST be

X:\(your path)\Return to castle wolfenstein\redmoon as pointed by the installer

There will be placed in your desktop by the installer two shorcuts One says

Redmoon first run (use this of course)


Redmoon Reloaded (if you have a saved game and want to get to the cheese fast).

description and bugs

Redmoon chapter one.

"Rumors and superstitions"

Father's day edition.

Public level test before final release.

The following bugs have been noticed to date.

Some soldiers seem to be waiting because one soldier is dead and blocking the way.

You may get to break some secret walls that were meant to be broken only by trigger.

There are zombies, but not in the normal game play.

Depending on the final size this should be a 3 levels chapter.

As far as i can tell there should be enough light in the level.


Save and save often. If there is a multiple directional corridor go into one branch at the time, if you peek around both directions, you will call in more enemies that you could handle at once, if this happens run away or take cover.

When in doubt if jumping or not SAVE your game. When in doubt if enter or not a strange place SAVE your game.

If you happen to experience a weird bug while reloading your game, next time try saving your game facing a wall. (with the lower FPS on screen) I didn't happened to me, but just in case.

Frank Berloff mapper


Thanks to Tram Design forums for help and more

Tram design forums


Tram design mapping tutorials


(and for this father'day 0 wait time download link).

In case of comments / questions / please contact me at KoS forums


KoS Mapping tutorials.


Also thanks to Surface forums


Surface mapping tutorials


I would also like to thank KoS forums and Surface forums. All of the beta testers at Tram Design, KoS, Surface, forums. Without them i wouldn't know if do the right thing.

Don't drink and play. ;)

Friday the 13th, June 2003. (yeah i know wish me luck) :P

Forgive by english.




Author: Frank Berloff


Part 1: Head Hunting

Orders are as follows: Infiltrate the complex thru the bombarded ruins from Badenberg, you need to kill at least 5 top officers, those are the head of the project Red Moon, we need to investigate what is all about. Werner Von Braun was spotted on this industrial complex, if you see him do not kill him, he want to defect, something huge is going on, spies reports said that they are making the biggest V rocket ever. Also somebody rumored about an orbital station already in the first stages, as well as a base on the moon, if this rumors are true, we are doomed, we need you to locate the launch facility. Find some good info. Good luck.

Place "redmoon.pk3" into the "Main"-folder of RtCW.
To play this map type "/spdevmap city_1" in the console and press Enter.

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