Operation Redwolf - Muliplayer



Do you have what it takes to survive Redwolfs' lair? The Nazis are at it again! This time they have hidden the body of an alien baby at their secret perverse retreat for future genetic development of a super soldier to turn the tide of the war in their favor.

Allies: Your job is to break into the old heavily fortified retreat and recover the alien body at all costs. Once you have stolen the alien, you need to get to the radio room and transmit your success. Beware the Axis have been made aware of your operation and are preparing for your arrival!

Axis: Nearing completion of the Transmogrification test sequence, your unit was about to celebrate to your success until a disturbing radio message arrived. The allies have become aware of your impending success as well, and have dispatched a Ranger unit to stop you. At all costs the allies must not succeed. Defend the fort and its precious cargo to the last man!



This previously private multi player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.4 is a multi approach objective map with some easter eggs for some added fun - Enjoy! This is a stable b1 release. Fully featured with:

1.Both capture the flag and objective in sync.2.Multiple avenues of approach.
3.Firing cannons and multiple Mg nests for both sides.
4.Excellent sniper and jumper locations.
5.Variable hiding locations.
6.WW2 historic articles dispersed in map.
7.Above and below ground combat zones separated but linked.

Sincerely, Try3d May, 17,2008

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