Operation Stutze

It's a singleplayer adventure!


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It's a singleplayer adventure!

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Download 'opstutze.zip' (1.23MB)

Thank you for downloading Operation Stutze. 
I hope you will enjoy playing it.
Please mail me comments!!

Mapping and scripting: Nicklas Ă–rnros (SWEFighter).
Release: 16 january 2003.
Map type: RTCW SP.

Unpack and place opstutze.pk3 in your 
/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/main directory.
Start Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player and
bring down the console.
Type spmap opstutze

/// FEEDBACK - YES! ///
Please e-mail me: nicklas.ornros@swipnet.se

/// CREDITS ///
This is my first map release and I have some 
people I want to say thanks to:

Bubba - for the nice lift crane and stairway prefabs.

Tunnleram - my mapping god at Tramdesign forum.

Demonspawn, Pointy, Kos, Fangio and Eyeronik for help 
and inspiration during my work with RTCW mapping.
Others who in different ways helped me during learning mapping.

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