Operation Trondheim: Iron Cross



How many of you out there long for the glory days of Return to Castle Wolfenstein? The long hours of online action playing an inexhaustible number of maps, with a number of excellent mods to choose from! ...And then there is the single player side of the game.. I, myself, just started playing the stock single player again a week ago, (as it never ceases to amaze me, for the age of this game) having played just about all of the SP maps and mods out there for this game! ...But now, I have a new interest!

Introducing Operation Trondheim: Iron Cross, which is the third part in this series! (I remember some comments on the whereabouts of this version, here you go...) This is a Russian mod, which first made it's debut way back, and sadly, I had never heard about it until it recently showed up in the email...but, because it is Russian in origin, it helps if you're fluent in the language to follow along, however, it's workable if you're not.

Some background story to set the mood: “June 23, 1941 at the Norwegian coast, was ordered off the English coast, which is the port of Trondheim, a strategic unit for the soldiers of the German forces. The value of the port was Lokatore, which German intelligence diverted all Allied movement in the northern seas. The situation worsened the night of 24 June, when some Trondheim emerged nejdannye guests: Spec. Troops from the Soviet Army, very few thugs for the sole purpose of seizing codes shifrovok any price, even if in the face Allies. Conflict broke out between the three forces-Russians, Germans and the British is the only of its kind, in the history of the Second World War! Adam Stec-Private, which is less than two days a hero Fashistsky Germany. Thanks to the courage and dedication of Adolf ideas, he alone was able to preserve Trondheimski radar and realized early arrival of standby troops to counter attacks."

A definate must have!



1-Make a backup of the files mentioned below of the original RTCW game, 
because they will be substituted:

2-Unzip all files to RTCW directory
3-Play the addon with shortcut "Iron Cross.ink"
4-After you finish the addon, replace the "files.dll" in your
original game.

Note: The shortcut only will work if the game be installed in C:\, except you it should 
change the properties of the shortcut indicating the new way.

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