Operation Twilight

No story is included with this map. It seems to me that the Allies are invading a German beer factory to steal top secret beer plans. The de...


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No story is included with this map. It seems to me that the Allies are invading a German beer factory to steal top secret beer plans. The design of this map is superb. There's plenty of detail, from the steam coming out of pipes to the beer cans in the bar. The lighting is also excellent. The outside of the base is lit nicely, against the setting-sun sky.

The objectives for both the Allies and Axis are listed in-game as being the same, however the Axis are actually the defenders, while the Allies are attacking.

Review by Subwolfer

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Download 'mp_twilight.zip' (10.73MB)

MAP: Operation Twilight (mp_twilight)       [for   RTCW1]

Title:		 Operation Twilight
Filenames:	 mp_twilight.pk3, twilight.txt
Author:		 Simon Puzzler(SLY.de) and Manuel Jones (Rought)
Created:	 2002
E-Mail:		 rought@chello.at or slyde@gmx.at

General information:

Stop Watch:           	 Min 2on2, Ideal 10on10
Wolf MP:        	 Min 2-6, Ideal 12-24

7500 Brushes
1368 Entities


Rought started Twilight, which was completly different at that time, in march 2002. Some day he asked me 
if i want to help him and i accepted. Work was very simple, because Rought and i are living in the same
city, are visitors of the same school. It was no problem for us, to transfer files and ideas, so 
our project growed and growed, altough we were even at that time very quick builders(we had to visit school:(
and wanted at least a minimum of private life). I was more motivated these days than Rought and I was it
a long time( till June ), but one day the errors came...
This map was the heaviest creation i had to do in my whole mapping-life. Whenever I was motivated to
built it throw several nights, this fucking bitch had a error which i couldn`t solve, so my will to 
complete it has reached zero during the last months(special thx to Rought my great partner, because he
was so frantic and ambitious, without him the map would have been cleaned from my computer for summer).
Rought started to contact the experienced German mapping-community and made our map popular even before it
was released and when problems were unsolveable for us, he contacted our lifesavers ;) : Fiesling and Fragpoint who helped us with most of our errors(thx).


Additional Credits:
Beta Testers: 	Rought, SLY.de, Fragpoint, Fiesling, Beowulf, Doomin@or, Bullveyr, Brooklyn Express, 

Special Thanks to: Fiesling, Fragpoint

Thanks also to:	id Software (my gods)

Known Bugs: You cannot shoot thrue some fences in the InnerCourt.

Tips: To get more fps in the Storage Room you should press the button to deactivate the smoke.


Install Instructions:

  Unzip mp_twilight.ZIP
  Place mp_twilight.pk3 in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein/main/

  Start Return to Castle Wolfenstein from the shortcut

  The map will be accessable from the multiplayer menus
   using the in-game browser


Base: 		New map from Rought(65%)/SLY.de(35%)
Editor(s) Used:	GTKRadiant 1.2.4-1.2.10

Compile Machine: 1400mhz AMD Athlon Thunderbird with 512mb DDR

Compiling Time: 10h30m


Copyright(c) and Permissions:

Authors MAY NOT use this map as a base to build additional levels.
Textures and Art do have a copyright! DO NOT USE it without contacting me! (thanks to Goesser)
You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

This level may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorised to put this level on any CD or distribute
it in any way without Manuel Johns permission.

(c) Copyright © 2002 Simon Paßler (SLY.de). All Rights Reserved

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