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|MUFFIN MAN| |//ORCHESTRA SOUND PACK\\| |FOR| |RTCW| Created by the muffin man copyright All Star design 2003 www.themuffinman.tk chickenmassacre@hotmail.com

Installation Instructions;

Please extract mp_pak_orchestra.pk3 to your RTCW\main directory (e.g. "c:\program files\return to castle wolfenstein\main")

File Info;

This file is a soundpack mod for RTCW, it is a unique soundpack that turns Wolfenstein into a music creation software. Each shot you make, hit you take, and move you make will give out a different sound. This is great in a group to record a full song.

Please get your clan together and make a song using this mod and send to chickenmassacre@hotmail.com or post on www.themuffinman.tk

The best one will be made available for download on www.themuffinman.tk

This mod is obviously not intended to be used in actual game play but by all means do, its hella funny!

Version changes:

1.0. Original Version

1.1 added world ambient sounds added no ammo sound and change weapon sounds changed a few other sounds updated readme

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Download 'mp_pak_orchestra.zip' (7.86MB)

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