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Quick start: Unzip the osp-wolf-.zip in the root RtCW/ directory, with folders enabled. You should have a new...


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Quick start: Unzip the osp-wolf-.zip in the root RtCW/ directory, with folders enabled. You should have a newly created directory named "osp" with all of the files listed in the enclosed the INSTALL.txt file.

To start up a DEDICATED OSP server, in a DOS shell, type: WolfMP +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg

To start up a LISTEN OSP server (where a client and server run in the same machine), type: WolfMP +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg

Details There have been MANY features added to the default Return to Castle Wolfenstein multi-player game: - Enhanced match mode play, with all commands needed to conduct organized games on any server (pausing, team locking, ready-up, etc.). - Extensive in-game player and match statistics. - Advanced and configurable voting system. - Remote admin ("Referee") capabilities with many commands available to control the match and players. - "Multiview" spectator support for in-game and demo playback, with the ability to spectate multiple players at once within a convenient windowing environment. - Configurable client-side modifications that allow for extra visual settings. - Enhanced UI with additional "tooltip" help information on added OSP options, in all supported languages. - "Democast" support for demo/shoutcast synchronized playback. - Enhanced latency support for laggier network connections. - Truly random reinforcement time offsets on match starts. The respawn times are still the same for each side on each map, but the offsets of when they count down to 0 is now completely randomized.

  • Fix: issue with using scrollbar in browser sometimes launches the game
  • Fix: longstanding wolf bug where arty/airstrikes can damage/kill through roofs/walls (i.e. forward bunker on beach)
  • Fix: Can no longer pick up ammo packs if all banks are full of ammo
  • Fix: Lean is now properly shown in multiview
  • Fix: Various UI issues with alternate languages
  • Change: "\kill" now counts as a death in stats
  • Change: GS in game stats changed to "Gib" for # of bodies gibbed (also shown in +wstats)
  • Change: Made cl_timenudge a latch variable
  • Change: Clean up of the multiview interface - Windows-like controls (point and click) - Drop-down listings to show/hide players currently being multiviewed - Full support in demo playback
  • Add: Average ping of teams shown above ping column
  • Add: Spectator ping shown on the scoreboard
  • Add: UI updates to various components in the main UI (blender, hyperlinks, credits, etc.)
  • Add: mod name to the listed gametype in the server browser
  • Add: Health pack drop/used stats (also in topshots w/15 drop minimum)
  • Add: Ammo pack drop/used stats (also in topshots w/15 drop minimum)
  • Add: Revival stats (# of times a player revived someone on their team)
  • Add: Muzzle flash option (cg_muzzleFlash 0=off, 1=on, default=1)
  • Add: Ammo remaining on crosshair name (only for weapons with real ammo) --> cg_drawcrosshairnames: 0 - none, 1-On-All, 2-On-NoAmmo
  • Add: chat beep options (cg_chatbeep - 0/none, 1/all, 2/teamchat only) --> Different tones for normal and team chat
  • Add: Teammates who are dead but revivable are shown with a "*" to the left of their class/name on the team overlay.
  • Add: Replaced unbound commands displaying "???" with "[command_name]" so you can tell what the actual command for the bind supposed to be.
  • Add: "ready" status shown (on the scoreboard) for players in warmup: - red "?" = not ready - green "!" = ready
  • Add: Demo player: - Dir listing/navigation - Double-click to expand dir - Double-click to load a demo - On/off button for timedemo
  • Add: option to ignore players: - ignore - no gives usage + current ignore list - of -1 means ignore all - ignore_remove - of -1 removes all ignores

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Download 'osp0.9.zip' (1.88MB)

OSP for Wolfenstein
Version: 0.9
Date:    29 Jan 03
Site:    http://www.OrangeSmoothie.org
Contact: [email protected]
IRC:     irc.enterthegame.com - #osp

Lead Design/Programming:
	Jason "Rhea" Keimig ([email protected])

Translation work:
        [French] Chris "SHoD" Farcy ([email protected])
                 Michael "epsy" Cambron ([email protected])
        [German] Florian "CptMeat" Lödermann ([email protected])
                 Sascha "Deus" Pitsch ([email protected])
       [Italian] Andrea "Kajab" ([email protected])
                 Ivan "veg" Mangifesta ([email protected])
       [Spanish] Fernán "ZombiekE" González ([email protected])
                 Guillermo "flame" Garcia ([email protected])

	Gabriel "TsN|Warwitch" David [email protected]

OSP.org Website Management, Maintenance and Updates:
	Tim "Gouki" Pearson ([email protected])

OSP.org Website design:
	"myrddin" ([email protected])

Macintosh Installer
	Scott "CannonFodder" DeLeury ([email protected])

Special thanks:
      - Everyone in Team Abuse for helping push OSP to the masses
      - Kevin "arQon" Blenkinsopp for support on engine-level tweaks
      - Tim "Timbo" Angus ([email protected]) for his spiffy MP3 decoder :))
      - Bani ([email protected]) for various wolf bugfixes
      - The Threewave team (http://www.threewave.com) and Darryl "Kipper" Morgan ([email protected]) for the cool new fonts

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