Panther's Reload Sound Mod

Improved versions of several of the RTCW weapon sounds.


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Improved versions of several of the RTCW weapon sounds.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Full Version Retail) - Sound Modification.
Panther's Reload Sound Mod V1.0.

First of all, thank you for downloading this sound mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I hope you enjoy listening to this mod as much as I enjoyed making it. The reason I constructed this mod is my opinion is that save for the Mauser Kar98k and FG42 the sound design for RTCW is fairly mediorce. Many of the sounds are ripped straight from common sample CDs. While some sounds from these are perfect and need no editing, not many are, and unfortunatley RTCW makes use of a lot of these. This in my opinion make things all to familiar. Familiarity breeds contempt. This in turn is a big stumbling block when it comes to effective immersion of the player in the game world. You'll find in this mod new sounds for the weapons firing. They were designed especially to blend into the atmosphere and immerse you in the fantastic world of RTCW.

In the next release, I will add the MG42, venom, sten, and snooper rifle.

From Panther,

Version History.

Version 1.0:

* New Colt 45 shot. 
* New Luger P08 shot.
* Cleaner Mauser Kar98k shot and added new bolt.
* Cleaner FG42 shot and new far away shot.
* New MP40 shot new far away shot.
* New Thompson shot.
Sound Information

One of my biggest disappointments with RTCW besides elements of it's gameplay, is the mediocre sound design. Not only are the sounds sampled at 22 kHz but many aren't suited to the context. The weird thing about it is that RTCW supports 44 kHz sounds :S. Why the sounds don't make full use of this is beyond me. It's possibly to cut down on size, because RTCW is a fairly weighty game. The musical score on the other hand is excellent. It mixed the atmosphere of a grand war with the occult very well and drags the player into the world. Although I don't like games, movies or stories of the supernatural I love RTCW. My personal favorite section is the Catacombs. There the combination of setting, sound and music nearly had my hairs on my back standing, and it had soldiers and zombies together, everything RTCW was.

The Colt45 is a slighly edited sound that is always used for revolvers and pistols in TV and Motion Pictures. If you've played Half Life: Opposing Force listen to the Desert Eagle pistol's sound. It's almost exactly the same. My opinion is that this sound should be confined to TV because it works best there. TV shows are short and focus more on story rather than action where effective sound design is needed. The sound in this pack is a classic sound that is used in many movies for both rifles and pistols and it works well for both. It has excellent bass and is loud, and does justice to the real M1911a1's stopping power. You may find you've heard it before.

The Luger was a fairly okay sound though it sounded like it was fired inside a warm room. I cleaned it up a little and removed the warmth and edited it using another sound which I recorded at the shooting range.

The Mauser was an excellent sound. It had everything that RTCW was going for. A fantasy setting in a modern world. It fitted straight in with the whole game. Loud, bassy and metalic. While a real Mauser sounds like a loud and heavy crack, this sound worked very well in game. The only problem I had with it was the substandard bolt sound. It sounded more like someone opening a plastic packet of mints. So I got the "Mauser firing last round" sound, which had no bolt, and mixed in a new bolt.

The FG42 was also an excellent sound. It almost sounds like a real full power rifle. The only problem with it was it wasn't bright enough. That was a problem of it's sampling rate not the sound itself. So I increased the rate and brightened up the sound. The far away sound was mediocre. I pulled a sound from my library, which was a good full power rifle/MG sound from a distance and an mixed it in.

The MP40 I have mixed feelings about. It's good but it isn't. The good thing is it sounds excellent. The bad is that it really doesn't sound suit the weapon. The shot sounds like it would fit more in with a near future setting like Red Faction. Also it could use some nice reverb and echo. The sound I've used in this mod, has a lot more punch and sounds about right. I think it's fine for now, though I may change it in future releases of this mod. The far away sound was also fairly mediocre. It almost sounds like a sound used in old war movies for small weapons like the M1 Carbine and rifles, but without the reverb and echo. The one used in this pack is a 9mm submachine gun firing on an outdoor range.

Before I cease and desist, my disclaimer is in order. The opinions expressed here are soley my own. They are not here to discredit or defame the developers of RTCW. Developing a computer game is a long and ardous proccess. It frequently involves ups and downs, failiures and triumphs, and it takes a lot of energy and skill. Whatever the decisions made by them were made for their reasons be it right or wrong. The conclusion of development and the retail release of a game is an achievement in itself. 

Installation Instructions (this is for the amateurs)
The rest of you, put the "Pak1.pk3" in your 'main' folder.

If you want the original sounds back, simply move or remove the new pk3 file and 
all original sounds return! 

To install Reload Sound Mod:
1) Double click on "Panther'" or run winzip and open 
2) Click "Extract", and unzip "Pak1.pk3" to your.  
"...\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main\" folder, with all the other Pak#.pk3 files. If you are running any other mods with the same name then rename the pak to another number that doesn't coincided with the paks that are used by default for RTCW.
3) Close winzip, and run RTCW

Legal Information

You may distribute this as freely as you wish. But, please, be sure to
distribute it's originally named ZIP form, and include this text file. If you would like to use these sounds in any of your mod/TCs/games and what not, please seek my permission first.

Thank you,

All Sounds and Documentation Copyright © 2002 Panther.

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