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- This is a small map, intended for up to 12x12 players. - Map has "Password" gimmick, generate random number and player must input correct password to get objective.

Allies Objectives: 1. Spy the Password and input it to start process to get objective. This process can be stopped by Emergecy Button, so prevent Axis from pressing the button. If process is aborted, password will be changed. 2. Steal the Endoarm. 3. Escape with the Endoarm to the waiting Truck. 4. Breach the Service Door. 5. Capture the Flag.

Axis Objectives: 1. Prevent the Allies from spying the Password and input it. If Password is input, push the Emergency Button to abort process. If process is aborted, password will be changed. 2. Prevent Allies from stealing the Endoarm. 3. Prevent Allies from escaping with the Endoarm. 4. Defend the Service Door. 5. Hold the Flag.


Extract zip and place "mp_password2_v1.pk3" to GameFoldermain


- For Allies, east way should be good choise if Axis defending tight. - For Axis, if Allies input the password, Emergency Button can stop them.

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Download '' (5.78MB)


Custom Map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Mapname : Password2
Version : 1.0
Date    : Oct 18, 2003
BSP Name: mp_password2.bsp
Author  : towofu
Web     :
Email   :



  beta4 > 1.0
    - Add voice announcement for password related events.
    - Other adjustments.
  beta3 > beta4
    - Now only Allies forces can enter password.
    - Reduce password input delay to 5 sec. (was 10 sec)
    - Remove Vehicle Lift shortcut.
    - Add dynamitable objective "Service Door".
    - Escaping route to Truck is changed.
    - Structure around the objective is changed.
    - Spawn timer is set to 30:30 (was 20:30)
    - Fix problem password was revealed without opening the door if 
      your "Depth Buffer" is set to 16bit and you are far from the door.
      Still 1st digit will be shown but it doesn't matter I think.
  beta2 > beta3
    - Fix dark windows.
    - Added .arena file.
  beta1 > beta2
    - Adjusted light/light junior with default settings.
    - Now only Axis forces can push Emergency Button.
    - Fixed Sparkles.
    - Now player no longer need to jump into the Truck with Objective.
      Just stand at the back of the Truck.


  - All kinds of feedbacks are welcomed.


  Thanks everyone at Surface Forum 
  and all the mapping forums over the world.
  Thanks Team ZiU and their mates for making the chance for people to 
  play this map and giving me great feedbacks. 
  Also thanks everyone for playing, feedbacks, hosting servers and more.

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