From the author: "This map is not serious it's just fun."

After playing this map for around 30 seconds, i closed wolf and was scared to look at my screen. This map is one of those maps you dont release. See, if your first map looks like erm, whats a better word for it, well finecrap, then you will be remembered as being the mapper who got 3 downloads on RTCWFiles (one would be me, unfortunately). This map is a map you keep to yourself (learning is ok, but giving a "learing progress" map to the public is a bad thing). I can say this is the first map were i walk right into a wall of water, and the first map were i couldnt get to a huge path of walkways as axis. And this map is also the first map where most of the walls are made of radio textures and others are textures that have been overlapped atleast 10 times. This map has alot of new things in it, ofcourse all of these are bad, but it still has something new. If you like to see errors on RTCW, try scratching the disc, not downloading this map.

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-


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