POW Escape

Objectives This BE edition has objectives and spawns reversed

Axis 1. Steal the top secret axis documents from the...


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Objectives This BE edition has objectives and spawns reversed

Axis 1. Steal the top secret axis documents from the reearch facility 2. Take the documents south to the train and escape with as many pow's as you can 3. Prevent Allies retrieving the soldier activation key dropped by parachute somewhere to the south of the camp 4. Prevent Allies activating the soldiers with the key

Secondary 1. Capture and hold the North supply room to aid escape 2. Capture and hold the Front gate area to aid escape

Allies 1. Prevent Axis stealing the top secret documents from the reearch facility 2. Prevent Axis from escaping on the train with the documents 3. Retrieve the soldier activation key dropped by parachute somewhere to the south of the camp 4. Activate the soldiers with the key

Secondary 1. Hold the North supply room 2. Hold the Front gate area

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Download 'be_powescape_v101.zip' (4.74MB)


This special BE edition requires the standard "mp_powescape_v101.pk3" be present in your main folder to run. Please download the standard map and follow the contained instructions for installing it.

Extract the file "be_powescape_v101.pk3" to <Return to castle Wolfenstein folder>/main
Now you are ready to join servers running this map!!!

To start a server select "POWESCAPE v1.01 BE" option from the map list in game.

Special functionality

Random Objective Placement
The two main objectives, Secret Documents and Soldier activation key, are placed randomly at the beginning of the match. To provide for more varied gameplay each match.

Taps give health
All taps and showers in the map when turned on can give out health when activated on.

Water supply pump destructable
Either Axis or ally team can destroy the water pump with TNT located at the south-east of the camp. All taps in the facility will then not function for the remainder of the match.

Alternate route out of the camp
The General's car can be driven down the hill and crashed through the fence, providing an alternate route out. But you must find the key and start it up first, remember cold cars are hard to start, it may take a few tries.

We welcome your comments good or bad!
Please visit the wolfy website for forums, maps, and a generally good time!


First of all to the Wolfy staff, without your constant feedback and testing, this map wouldn't be half what it is today.
Brewskie of http://www.rtcwnews.com for your great gameplay suggestions, brain-storming sessions and unbelievably brilliant testing server.
The staff at http://www.rtcwfiles.com, especially SubWolfer and Korn Warrior.
Also thanks to http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/tramdesign guys Osias, Halister, Tunnleram, OGG servers and everyone else for taking the time to setup, run and test the map, big hugs!
Demoneye, you tha man, and you know why ;)
hsnopi for taking time out and helping with authentic train design, art and concepts.

If I missed anyone, I'm also truely thankfull for everyone's input!

Version history

v1.01 - BE EDITION
* Reversed all spawns, objectives and flags
* Changed frontgate sign to english
* Changed mess sign to english

*Fixed crash bug when fish was killed
*Added "Rescue Team" spawn location near waterfall
*MOved some axis spawns from north fence area
*Fixed area where axis could jump over fence west of the north gate
*Moved an activation key location further away from camp

*Bug fixed which would cause the server to crash with entity not found error
*Soldier activation sequence tweaked for smoother movement
*Clipped out Generator bar trapping players
*Moved one of the Axis activation key locations away from camp to aid balance
*Removed clips from car seats to fix gibbing at bottom of ramp
*Reduced entity count substantially
*Fixed hole in rocks at waterfall
*Fixed river bottom texture, mid north side
*Fixed clipping on chamber soldiers

*Soldier Activation Scene added for axis primary objective!!!!
*Misc texture align probs fixed
*light poles re-positioned
*Fixed west rocks
*Cleaned brushwork on south-east river
*Target_location for waterfall
*Texture cleanup of grass
*More gibbing on the general's car fixed
*Spawn points cleanup, no more spawning ontop of each other
*General target_location clean
*Numbering added to labs

*Changed timing on taps to 1.5sec delay since 3sec is too little to make any diff
*Added clip railing for sniper roost
*updated axis sinks texture with realistic scrapes, scratches, dings - photo source?
*Fixed Light poles texture stretched a bit
*Size of activation of water health was too small, increased model size
*Fixed car gibs standing riders at bottom of ramp
*Fixed Invalid texture sizes! 
*Changed Train signal too high and big
*Fixed dark texture on left side of lockers in shower room
*Fixed outer fence near frontgate is raised off terrain
*Added train engine connect with rest of train
*Fixed Texture align at bottom of windows shower and munition rooms
*Fixed lightgrid screwed, removed lightgrid brushes and go back to previous scaling method
*Added "Puffy was killed" message

* Added dual objective
* Added 3 random points parachute box with key for axis objective
* Added activation point in chamber for axis objective
* extended Vent system into the faclity above lower two labs
* added vent system animated fans
* Fixed vent system texturing
* Added double doors between top two labs
* Fixed texturing on lift doors
* Fixed caching of lift button presses
* Changed lab lights to brighter
* Added dlight at tunnel entrace
* Changed misc shiney metal to more realistic
* Added dynomitable re-enforced windows to labs, glass breaks out wire stays, blocking gren and rocket
* Changed chamber layout for soldier activation scenerio
* Fixed FPS issue in chamber and south camp areas
* Changed layout of river edges, harder to cross, need to use bridge and waterfall crossings
* Added waterfall area, custom shaders, particles and sounds
* Added sparks particles from flamebarrels
* fixed scaling problem of guardhouse
* Added working clocks
* Added "puffy" the fish and fishbowl
* Added flagpoles capture points at frontgate and north supply room forward spawning
* Added sniper roost to large tree south of camp
* Added angled tree for south-west access to camp
* fixed rocks west of camp ugly looking
* Added "generator" to chamber area and custom shaders
* Added custom shader for lightpoles and scaled to more realistic
* Changed lightpole wiring realistic
* Changed train exiting to longer sequence, train goes further into tunnel

This level is Copyright(c) 2003 Wolfy v0.2.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without 
permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level via any 
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.

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