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Q3Offline is an easy to use configuration utility for playing offline. It supports Quake 3, Elite Force and RTCW.

Includes a detailed ma...


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Q3Offline is an easy to use configuration utility for playing offline. It supports Quake 3, Elite Force and RTCW.

Includes a detailed manual in the .zip

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Download 'q3offline.zip' (760KB)

Q3Offline has the following features:

Configures game type (Free for all, Tournament, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag). 
Configures common game parameters such as time limit and frag limit. 
Configures which maps to play and in which order (the map order can be random). 
Configures which bots to play, the skill of the bots, and which teams the bots play on. The bots, their skills and teams can be randomly assigned by Q3Offline. 
Creating new bots from existing models, skins, and AI files. 
Configures server. 
Q3Offline has a simple, "wizard" type user interface for setting these parameters, and generates a configuration file which is used to launch Quake III Arena.

Q3Offline saves the parameters used to launch Quake III Arena, so the next time you run it you do not have to set all the parameters again.

Q3Offline has only been tested on Windows 98, but it should work under Windows NT; if not please let me know.

Q3Offline Help

Q3Offline has several built-in help features:

Status bar help for field that currently has the input focus. 
HTML help for each page/dialog, invoked using the F1 key or the Help button. 
Tool tip help for the field that is currently under the mouse cursor. Tool tip help is not fully tested and is therefore disabled by default. It can be enabled using the View, Tool Tips menu. 
Q3Offline Documents

Now with Q3Offline you can save your configurations to file, so you can have different configurations for e.g., Free For All and Capture the Flag.

Q3Offline documents have a .q3o file extension. When you run Q3Offline without explicitly specifying a .q3o file, Q3Offline will automatically load the last document it saved, if the File, Auto load MRU option is ticked.

You can create new documents, open existing an one, and save the current one using the File menu.

Q3Offline will always prompt you before saving a document, unless you tick the Auto Save option on the File menu.

Q3Offline understands the Windows shell open command, e.g., you can pass Q3Offline the name of a Q3Offline document, and Q3Offline will process the document, generating a .cfg file which is used to start Quake III Arena. Alternatively, double clicking on a .q3o file will again run Q3Offline and start Quake III Arena.

Q3Offline Screen Navigation

Q3Offline has a button bar which can be used to quickly switch between pages, etc:

Back: Switch to previous page. 
Next: Switch to next page. 
Play: Play Quake III Arena using the current configuration. 
Play & Exit: Play Quake III Arena using the current configuration; exits Q3Offline. 
Replay: Plays the previous match, replaying maps that you lost or did not complete. 
Exit: Exit Q3Offline. 
Help: HTML help. 

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