RivrStyx has returned with one of the most story driven maps for RtCW in a long time.Following the theme of the single player adventure,the...


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RivrStyx has returned with one of the most story driven maps for RtCW in a long time.Following the theme of the single player adventure,the Axis are at it again..this time trying to use the "Book of Resurrection" to raise dead soldiers to form an army of the undead to defeat the Allies. Technically the map has some of the newest sights to a multi player RtCW map..lightning and rain.. look close at the water out front..the raindrops actually can be seen striking the pond! Fans...including myself of the original RtCW single player adventure which took our hero BJ into the crypts to face the undead..will love RivrStyx's map theme. Ghosts can be seen in certain areas if you are in the right spots at the right times. Overall the map like his previous map "Callfire" will need some serious exploring to learn your way about,RivrStyx has once again made another multi leveled map that few mappers even try to design! Gameplay is evenly balanced around the map..both teams will have multiple routes to take,outside the mansion the Allies can either assault the main gate..opps I mean the massively huge main gate and push their way into the front of the mansion to capture the map's one advance point or they can take an alternate route thru the basement,torture chambers over the open pit and the misty lower parts of the mansion's grounds into the crypts.Once inside the grounds the Allies need to take the book and escape back to the raft.Where's the book? Well I'm not'll enjoy moving thru the map to find it yourself The interiors of the house are massive with traditional spooky items..rocking chairs moving with no one in them,howls,evil laughs,glowing eyes and a grandfather clock that runs backwards.Some superb lighting effects..or should I say lack of lighting give the interior mansion the chill it deserves.. Overall this map is an absolute must get for your custom map collection. "Mp_Resurrection is one of the top 5 Custom maps for RtCW for 2002"

Det Pak


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Please read IMPORTANT - Special instructions, Other instructions and :::note::: below to avoid problems
Title                   : Resurrection			
Date                    : 6:35 PM Thursday, September 05, 2002	                			 
pk3 name		: Mp_Resurrection.pk3
Filename		: Mp_Resurrection.bsp
Author                  : Dan "RivrStyx" Dorn
Email Address           :
Web			:
Description             : MP or SW play for RTCW

Additional Credits to   : id software and Gray Matter

Sound Effects by: Det Pak

Skins made by Pumpaloaf

Beta testing:  Team Guardian ( and TLD -The Lions Den (
	Servers: official USA-		Servers: official USA-
		 Custom USA  -			 Custom USA  -
		 official EU -

Also THX to the Forum users especially the BBA Members:
****Special Thanks goes to "KTroopA" for hosting the mirror download site

$$$$$$$$$  IMPORTANT - Special instructions: $$$$$$$$$$$$
If map hangs on start screen and doesn't load or you get a hunk_allocation error... you'll need to set these from console: (This will not effect gameplay, but only make it better. Most Veteran players have these set higher than default) This is due to sounds and effects within map to create a bit of atmosphere.

After gamestarts... hit the ~ tilde key to bring down console...enter the following... (use the /)

minimum: This should be fine 
/set com_hunkmegs 64		//up to 3/4 of your ram. I recommend doing this anyway
/set com_soundmegs 16		//or 32 depending on soundcard
/set com_zonemegs 16		// or 32

Recommended: Even better for all maps
/set com_hunkmegs 128		//200-96 upto 3/4 of your ram
/set com_soundmegs 16		//or 32 depending on soundcard
/set com_zonemegs 16		//or 32

*****Also it's recommended playing this map with LIGHTMAP settings and 32bit color depth for visual effects if your system can handle it but not necessary. Will just look a whole lot better with less visual weirdness.
Can set these in the menu:
1. when game starts hit esc key...choose system
2. Go down the list change COLOR DEPTH to 32bit and LIGHTING to lightmap(high), can leave TEXTURE QUALITY to 16bit as this only kills framerate and won't see much of a difference. Depending on video card you may not see any change in frame rate using lightmap and 32 bit color depth.
3. choose accept (video will restart and will only take a sec til back in the game)

@@@@@@@@@ Other Instructions on file placement...etc @@@@@@@
Unzip the file to your Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main directory

Zip files contain the normal map file called mp_resurrection.pk3 and also a skin pk3 called z_resurrectionskins.pk3.
The z_resurrectionskins.pk3 will make the axis look like axis zombies/demons to add to the maps contents and atmosphere. The only fallback is they will still look this way on other maps because of the way RTCW is made. [If your on a server that doesn't have this file you won't have to worry about it as you will default to the regular axis skins]
-----If the skins do show up on other maps and you want the regular skins back or have problems with them on map changes just remove z_resurrectionskins.pk3 file from your Return to castle wolfenstein/main derectory (or wherever you installed it) or move it to a seperate directory to save.----- Thats it but i recommend at least trying them for this map :)

******** Play Description ***********
Operation: Resurrection

The Nazi's as we have heard are doing human experiments to create super soldiers. Recently however, its been discovered the Nazi's are using the occult to further their mission for world dominance by performing passages from the book of the resurrection. Rituals if you will. A small allied force lead by LT. Joe Johnson was sent to gather more information on one, Alfred Kreiger, who is a Nazi Sympathizer and linked to practices in the occult. Information we received from Johnson has confirmed our suspicions. Kreiger has performed satanic rituals and has succeeded in resurrecting dead Nazi soldiers that feel no pain, no emotion, and have no mercy. They are the perfect killing machines. Kreiger has recently crossed over to the other side, suicide by his own creations. According to the book, Kreiger's death will allow him to move between realms and help make the transformation of the soldiers complete. They can be destroyed at this time, but one passage from the book is left that will make them invincible and must be done when certain circumstances are present. Unfortunately we don't know this information as we've lost contact with Johnson and his men.
This was Johnson's last transmission: 

<Begin Transmission> "...We have entered the belly of the beast where life and death are one... The book holds the power ... The last passage needs to be performed for the gates of hell to be opened permanently... God help us... It must be performed when..." <End transmission>

No one from the group has been heard from since, but we do know from Johnson's last message that the book is the key.  Time is of the essence and you will be deployed immediately. 
--I know your thinking this can't be real. It seems unbelievable but in Johnson's words. "God help us"  if it's true. --

	To infiltrate Kreiger mansion by raft and make way through front gate or other means available before the axis zombie soldiers become invincible. Extract "The Book of the Resurrection" that's located in the mausoleum on the rear mansion grounds. Exit through the main house back to front gate to raft.

 *Primary Objectives -  1. Destroy Main Gate power to gain access to Kreiger.
			2. Steal Book of the Resurrection frpm Kreiger Mansion and make way to raft.
 *Secondary Objectives - 1. Capture flag in mansion room to advance.
			 2. Destroy secondary door for access into lower mansion. "This is a secondary entrance but 			    cannot use to exit."
			 3. Destroy catacomb door for access into book room.

Thx to Det Pak for the sounds in Resurrection.

Some custom textures from Evil Lair
- Construction -
Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs              : None.

- Copyright / Permissions -

This level is (c) 2002 Dan Dorn.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks. You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.

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