Return To Dungeon Master Entrance



A sweet little SP map with some neat stuff. Install is a little different than most so PLEASE READ THE README FILE



Title:		Return to Dungeon Master Entrance
BSP name:	rtdm.bsp
Author:		Fargo_NL®
Release date:	May 11, 2002
Email address:	[email protected]
Home page:	http://www.dequant.nl
Game:		Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player map

Description:	A small dungeon-based SP level, with possible more to come

Thanks to:	Bartman for 'beta' testing.
		The guys and dolls of Tram Design for their great support.
		id for the Quake series.
		GMI for designing RtCW.

A while ago I was trying to play Dungeon Master on a XP based PC. Unfortunally my soundcard was not supported for DOS-based games. So I started my own version of this classic.

After a few retries I threw away the original floorplans and started my own lay-out.


Due to some custom scripts you will have to create a directory RTDM in your Wolfenstein directory and place the enclosed pk3 in the created RTDM directory.
Now you can start the game by using the included batchfile or by creating a shortcut containing the following commandline:

"[DRIVE]:Return to Castle WolfensteinWolfSP.exe +set fs_homepath main +set fs_game rtdm +set nextmap "spmap rtdm" +exec

Known bugs

None (IMHO). If you find any, please mail them with screenshots if possible.

Great mapping forum

Try Tram Design for great support and tips


* Distribution / Copyright / Permissions *

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
Any commercial use without permission is prohibited.
You may use this level as a base to build additional levels
without explicit permission of the author!
If you do so, please inform me so I can await more sequels:-)

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