Well, another headdshot mod, this one by SCDS_reyalP. This one is only for windows.

This mod is completely server-side. Players need not...


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Well, another headdshot mod, this one by SCDS_reyalP. This one is only for windows.

This mod is completely server-side. Players need not download anything.

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Download 'rhmod_a02.zip' (292KB)

rhmod alpha 0.2 by SCDS_reyalP aka [email protected]
rhmod = reyalps headshot mod
This is a quick n' dirty hack. Make headshots the only thing that can do damage. Panzerfausts, airstrikes, grenades, venoms etc. do no damage, though they may push you around a bit. Falling and barbwire do not hurt. Non player shootable objects cannot be damaged, and players cannot be sent to limbo by shooting.

Currently only windows binaries and source available. Contribution of a
linux binary would be appreciated.

The server admin can control some visual cues, and the destruction of dynamite objectives.

Changed server variables:
gamename		rhmod

New server variables:
var			default value // description
rhmodversion		0.2 alpha // mod version, read only
g_rhmod_nodynobj	1 // disable destruction of dynamite objectives
g_rhmod_headhitbox	1 // show head bounding box on head hit
g_rhmod_bodyhitbox	1 // show body bounding box on any hit
g_rhmod_tracer		0 // tracer of bullet path
The last three similar to various values of g_debugBullets, but can be set individually and do not require cheats enabled. These are server side settings, and cannot be set on the client. The client var cg_railtrailtime will determine how long these effects are shown. These may increase network load a tad.

Fun tip:
switch to grenade, press fire and run up to another player. Don't let go of the grenade. Notice that you can do this over and over. The bug you observe also exists in normal wolfenstein, but it tends to kill you.

Server Installation:
Unzip the zip into your wolfenstein directory *NOT* your wolfensteinmain
This will create wolfensteinmainrhmod_a02 with
in it.
Start your server with +set fs_game rhmod_a02 and whatever additional
options you want.

Client Installation:
This is a server side mod, clients just need to connect. Like all wolf mods, this will get it's on wolfconfig_mp.cfg, so setting changes will
not affect other mods.

The source patch is included in the zip. Do whatever you like with it, but
be aware that this is a quick hack and I am a wolf/q3 engine n00b, so this may well not be the best example.

While this was started before I found out about the the one by Eville Bob from http://www.deadpenguin.com/, playing on the Konijn server running his mod did give my some inspiration.

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