This nifty program lets the server admin select a message, set an interval and it sends that message to the server console so players can view the message while playing.

A nice feature RTCW didnt have but now does, so if you're a server admin get this useful program.

** Limited interval bug has been fixed **



RTCW MOTD v1.00.0015 - README
(Tested on win9x/me/xp)

** Limited interval bug has been fixed **


Using the computer while motd is running may interfere with the program function
since characters need to be sent to the console

The message can't be too long otherwise it either gets cut off or becomes hidden
as it overlaps the team overlay box. It is advised that you use some colour in your
message which is outlined below

For URLs, do not use '//' slashes, instead use '\\' otherwise your message will
not appear. This is because RTCW recognizes '//' as a comment and is not displayed.


If you need to use ANY special characters, i.e. !@#$%^&*()|/\ you will need to use
the following code.

Key	Code 
			** Capital letters are not considered special **
SHIFT	+ 		**   characters, so type them out normally    **
ALT	% 

For example, if you would like to add an email address into your message, the 
actual mesage you would type into the program would be


Notice how '+' is used as the shift key and the '2' key for the @ symbol, so you're
typing shift+2 which is @

One last example using the text colours. Hopefully you know the colour codes
so I won't go over that. Normally, if you wanted the colour of a message to be
dark blue you would type 

	^4http:\\bananas4ever.da.ru player rankings n stats

but since the ^ is a special character we have to use the key code '+' for 
shift and then '6' for ^ so our actual message would be 

	+64http:\\bananas4ever.da.ru player rankings n stats


Email me at [email protected] if you still have trouble or would like
the source code

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