Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test 2 - Mac OS X



Notes: - You can't patch up the previous test to this version (0.9.20) as too much has changed. - You need to remove the old Test before installing and running this new one. - SMP doesn't currently work and is disabled by default. Don't turn it on. - This is not a fully optimized build.

Thank you for your participation in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) Multiplayer TEST. This TEST consists of one multiplayer map and represents an unsupported version of the multiplayer mode of RTCW.

This is a TEST and players may find compatibility and performance issues. The purpose of this test is to report these issues so that we can address them prior to the release of the game. Players should also understand that the system requirements for this Multiplayer TEST are higher and different than what we anticipate for the retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

What's changed between Multplayer Test 1 and the latest test? Below you'll find some of the more notable changes.

Need a light? Anyone?1) Hud

  • On the compass, Engineers can see which direction their dynamite objectives are in the world.
  • You'll see a shield icon in the lower left, above your health letting you know when you're invulnerable (when you first reinforce and when revived by a medic).
  • Messages have been moved around.
  • Assorted changes.

2) Beach

  • The Axis team will no longer have the option to spawn in the forward bunker. They can deny the Allies this spawn position by taking the flag from them and returning it to a "null" state.
  • Dynamiting objectives has been tightened up. It's always best to plant the dynamite if you see the dynamite icon. If you hear the "Dynamite planted..." message, your objective will be destroyed.

3) Weapons

  • MG42's take more damage.
  • Ammo count modified for many weapons (depending on class as well).
  • Flamethrower's damage tweaked and movement speed reduced.

4) Classes

  • When revived by a medic, you revive with the amount of ammo you passed out with.
  • Medic's now get 10 revives. Good for altered max lives games as well as Stopwatch matches.
  • LT's can no longer pick up the Soldier specific weapons.
  • Engineers now get 8 grenades and another clip.
  • Engineers must now arm the dynamite they place. When you toss out a dynamite, you will automatically switch to the pliers.

5) Networking

  • Wolf MP is now using full TA networking.

6) Stopwatch Mode

  • Stopwatch mode can be played in one of two ways. ABBA, or ABAB. We recommend playing in ABBA mode as this allows both sides a chance to set the clock.
  • Stopwatch is played in two rounds. Which round you are in is displayed on the HUD, atop the Stopwatch icon. Try to beat the other teams' time!

7) Max Lives

  • Added max number of lives/reinforcements. When this is set, you will only get as many lives/reinforcements as set by the Server. Once you are out of lives/reinforcements, you will only be able to follow the view of other team members. Once a team is out of lives/reinforcements, the round, or match will end.
  • We suggest only running with max lives changed during Tourney Mode.
  • We suggest playing with an unlimited number of lives during net play.
  • Setting max lives to a different value can produce some hectic and frantic gameplay. We suggest practicing safe max lives with only those you know.

8) Tourney Mode

  • When playing under this mode, there is an infinite warm-up time.
  • Once all players in the game decide that the match should start, someone can callvote for "Match Start", if passed, the game will begin.
  • Optionally, you can set the minimum number of clients for this mode. This option can be found on the Advance Server Setup screen. Once this number of people have joined the server, the game will automatically force a Match Start, allowing 20 more seconds before the game begins.
  • Once the game begins, you will not be able to switch teams.
  • If a player tries to connect with this enabled and the game is outside of the warmup phase, they will only be able to join as a spectator.
  • This mode can not be played with one person.
  • If two people are playing in this mode and one leaves, or joins the Spectators, the game will stop and the match will have to be re-started.
  • You can set this mode to be played with all gametypes and settings.
  • This is the preferred on-line method to play with Max Lives.

9) Other

  • You no longer "time-out" to the Reinforcement Queue. You must tap out. If you are "dismembered beyond repair", you will automatically enter the reinforcement queue.
  • If friendly-fire is enabled on your server, when killed by a team mate, the complaint system will pop up. If you vote yes, the team mate responsible for your death will have a complaint filed against them. Once they hit the server's setting for number of complaints until kicked, they will be kicked.
  • There is a 30 second delay before you can join a different team as well as the chance of being caught in the middle of a deployment. So maximum time before being able to join another team is 30 seconds +max reinforcement time for the team on the specific level. This is default behavior. By setting Tourney Mode to "Yes", no team switching is allowed. Switching teams for an ill-effect is frowned upon.
  • Spectators are now listed on the team/score panel.
  • Map_restart functions just as warmup mode.
  • Spectators can only talk to each other, not to the Axis or Allied teams.
  • There is now a callvote menu option. Voting that is in progress will be displayed on-screen.
  • Various quickchats moved around.

10) Resetting to Defaults

  • If you run into a situation where your config becomes trashed, or you don't like the settings you've created, run WolfMP by selecting "RTCW MP TEST 2 (SAFE MODE)" from your Start menu, under "Return To Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer TEST 2". This will set all settings to their default values.

11) Pure Server

  • The Pure Server option for servers is not currently functional for Map Test 2. Do not set Pure Server to "Yes" when hosting a Map Test 2 server. It will prevent any clients from joining your server.
  • A client trying to join a Pure Server will receive the following error: "VM_CreateOnCGame" If you get this message, try another server.


An OS X (10.1) build of the Wolfenstein MP Test 2 is up and available for download. I've not gone through and fixed all the niggles I want to get done, but hey it's there. There's also a separate command line dedicated server since that's been requested quite a few times.


* You need to nuke the old test before installing and running this one.
* SMP doesn't currently work and is disabled by default. Don't turn it on.
* This is not a fully optimized build.


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