RTCW Patch 1.33 (Windows)



This patch will upgrade you from 1.32 patch to 1.33 patch. This patch includes many improvements/updates since the release of the previous 1.32 patch. Once you upgrade to this patch, you WILL NOT be able to play on servers with the 1.32 patch installed.

Also, this patch DOES NOT change the protocol version. Please see the readme file for more specific information.




1.>Fixes added in 1.33

Medic Revival Sticking:

    Some players found that medics were sticking to people they revived.  This issue was introduced in the 1.32 update as a bi-product of the new moving objects.



2.>New features added in 1.33

Improved PunkBuster WebTool:

    Improved PunkBuster WebTool support Added additional features for the PunkBuster WebTool for server       admins.

Improved WebTool support
    Additional support added for people using the PunkBuster Web tool.  See below for more information on the WebTool.

Added g_axismaxlives and g_alliedmaxlives
    These settings were requested by server administrators looking to adjust the gameplay balance on their servers.  These settings supercede g_maxlives when set. Servers can now set maxlives independently for each team.  Important note for server administrators: before these settings will work, you must launch the game with a setting for maxlives.

Added g_fastres 1 (Defaults to 0)
    This was another requested change.  With g_fastres set to 1, players will instantly get up and is instantly mobile after being revived by a medic.  However, the player is only invulnerable for a second vs. 3 seconds the standard way ..  

Added g_enforcemaxlives 1 (defaults to 1)
    When a player enters a game with maxlives set, their IP gets added to a list. Any IP on the list is banned from connecting until the next round starts. This is to prevent people from disconnecting and reconnecting to get by the maxlives limitation.  Important note: this setting is on by default when "maxlives" is on.  Since it is tracking by IP address, people who are sharing an IP (as in from a computer lab or dorm) won't be able to join the same servers.

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