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Update for the RTCW Radio Binder Beta 0.1.17


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Update for the RTCW Radio Binder Beta 0.1.17

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Download 'rtcw_up_1_20.exe' (54KB)

Run, Install.exe and follow the prompts.

When running the program for the first time it will ask you for the directory of RTCW. Just browse to it and select it. You can also have the new radio file you are about to create be loaded automatically, by clicking the check box. If you ever need to change these settings, with in the program go to ‘Options’ then ‘set RTCW dir’.

* If you choose not to have your new radio script run automatically, you will have to run it manually. At the console in the game,   type “EXEC RTCW-RADIO.CFG” without the “”. This should only have to be done once.

You can bind almost any key on the keyboard by just selecting it, but there are a few that must be manually typed. They are:

F1 – F12 Have to be typed F1 - F12. Like F5
1 – 0 Have to be typed with “” inclosing the number. Like “1” or “7”

Insert = INS
Home = Home
Del = Del
End = End
Page Up = PGUP
Page Down = PGDN
Esc = ESC

Number Lock = KP_NUMLOCK
Enter on the Key pad = KP_ENTER

New versions of this program should be available at http://members.home.net/macross0001

Revision History

v0.1 Build 20 - Corrected ini path on first run.

v0.1 Build 19 - RTCW Radio Binder now remembers your last binds when the program is reopenned. You no longer have to reselect keys to bind when rebinding commands.

v0.1 Build 18 - Fixed Bind for Yes/No/Welcome in Global and Team Chat

v0.1 Build 17 - First open test release. Added auto loading and Key Pad Support

v0.1 Build 14 - Limited Beta testing

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