RTCW SP - Castle Keep



A lost island with the ruins of a castle. Your objective is to get to the top. Can you find the 3 secret pieces? There will only be 3 guards to eliminate.



	* Map and General Information *

Title		: Castlekeep
Date		: (BETA 1) February 04
PK3 file        	: castlekeep.pk3
Author		: Quake3Bits - Ken 'kat' Beyer
Email 		: [email protected]
Website		: http://www.castlekeep.ndo.co.uk
Forum		: follow link from website above
Description 	: Single Player 'minimod' for Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Additional Credits
	 	: ID Software for allowing us to do what we do to the game!
		: Thanks go to (not in any order of priority..!)
		: sock (big thanks matey..!),
		: ydnar (also big thanks)
		: panzur, ratty, KoS, PizPot,
		: Demonspawn, ZeroLogic, Sedric, emsipe, DetPak,
		: anyone else I've forgotten to mention


Play Information

Game type	: Single Player (SP) RtCW

Bots		: 'optimized' aas files (rcd included)

see 'README_2nd.txt' for installation instructions



Base		: nothing
Editor		: GTKRadiant 1.x.x
		: Q3Map2 (2.5.12)
		: Q3Map2Toolz
		: Corel PhotoPaint - 2D artwork
		: GMax & Blender3D - 3D models
		: MilkShape - 3D models
		: CrimsonEditor
		: Creative WaveStudio - audio
		: Notepad
		: WinZip
		: WinRar

Known Bugs	: n/a		

Build Time	: 2 months (ish)

Textures 	: default and some custom

Models		: default + custom

Sound		: default

Compile machine	
		: Athlon XP2000+
		: 1gig DDR RAM, ATI9000Pro 128MB

Test Machines


q3map compile Time
q3map2 - 2.5.12
-BSP -meta
-light -filter -nocollapse -patchshadows -shade -samples 3

Compile Time	: approx 30mins

Brushes count	: c.1171 (it's all them steps that does it..!)

Entity count	: 282 (GTK)


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Do not distribute these files without this readme present.
If you wish to include these files on a CD for distribution please contact the author below.

Copyright © 2003 Ken Beyer
([email protected] - subject 'Castlekeep')

'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'
is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. 


instructions for use

1 : extracting/installation

- Downloaded and save the files to a temporary folder/location on your system, C:\temp is typical.
- Double click castlekeep.exe, the self extractor will open with a default file/installation path already highlighted, this is C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\spkat3 by default, and click the 'Unzip' button. The archive will now be installed to that location.

- If this isn't where you have RtCW installed either edit the path or click the 'Browse' button and select the correct folder/location [the files need to be placed in a folder called 'spkat3' directly under the main Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder for the minimod to work properly].

- Optionally you can also click the 'Run WinZip' button to open the WinZip application and manually extract the files to the correct location as per 'spkat3' above.

- If correctly installed you should have a folder called 'spakt3' in the 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' folder and several files therein contained..

2 : shortcuts and running the mod

- Open the newly created spkat3 folder and find the file called 'castlekkep.bat' you can run the mod directly from this file in it's current location by double clicking.

- Alternatively if you right click and select 'Send to > Desktop' it will create an icon on your desktop which you can then double click to launch the mod.

- For Win98 you may need to create a shortcut in the installation folder [right click & select 'create shortcut'] and then manually move the new icon to your desktop.

If you have any installation problems or general comments please mail them to [email protected] or post a message on the Quake3Bits forum the forum link at http://www.castlekeep.ndo.co.uk

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