Original idea by Dus-T: DirtyUglySin (steph) and


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Original idea by Dus-T: DirtyUglySin (steph) and Tsunami(MTL) (hugo) (clan site)

Custom sounds provided by: Crash(MTL) and Kruoz(MTL)

Installation: just extrac the pk.3 file into your main folder and enjoy :D


The axis have located the last artifact required to complete the summoning of the evil lord Ruiner, his head, safely hidden in an acient temple...the summoning has begun! and in 30 minutes the evil lord will arise! the allies must prevent the summoning at all cost! and there only chances are by getting there hands on the head before the ceremony is complete and bring it back to safety! will the allies be able to stop it in time?? or will the axis be able to put theire evil scheme in motion???? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

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