Schatten (Shadow) Castle

Schatten Castle is a very under rated effort,inspired by countless horror,and ghost movies this very large and detailed map will have you ex...


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Schatten Castle is a very under rated effort,inspired by countless horror,and ghost movies this very large and detailed map will have you exploring it's many corridors and hallways. With custom textures and sound effects,exploring this Wolfenstein styled castle will reveal hidden passages,spike pits,water traps,and roaming ghosts. An inspiration,from believe this or not Disney's "Snow White" will make the child's classic very deadly,so download this beauty of a map and..oh yea did I mention a lot of action from the Axis and Allies battling it out tossed in!

Review by Det Pak

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Map-  Schatten (Shadow) Castle

---General Information---
Version: 1.0
Title: Schatten (Shadow) - NOTE: This map is playable in MP mode ONLY
Filename: mp_schatten.pk3 which includes: all files necessary to run this map
Author: Vulture1412 AKA =WSS=Vulture
Email address:

Note: This is my second release, I hope you enjoy it. I would like to hear any and all comments and critisism. If you would like to contact me feel free to send me an e-mail at

Installation instructions:  Place the PK3 zip in your Main folder in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein directory.

If map hangs on start screen and doesn't load or you get a hunk_allocation error... you'll need to set these from console:

After gamestarts... hit the ~ tilde key to bring down console...type the following... 

/set com_hunkmegs 128 or up to 3/4 of your ram
/set com_zonemegs 32		
If you want to check out the map:
Bring down the console with Tilde
Type in /sv_pure 0 (enter)
\Devmap mp_schatten (enter)


Message decoded 12-12-1941
December 11, 1941
We have successfully located and established a base of operations at Schatten Castle. The Castle 
itself is in remarkably, if eerily, excellent condition, even though it has been unoccupied for 
nearly three centuries. Due to the history of the castle and the tales of horror associated with 
it, many of the men refuse to venture into the lower levels alone. Many of them have reported odd 
noises and claim to have seen things of a supernatural nature at various locations in the castle. 
I fear that the men are letting the ancient legends and stories fire their imaginations on these 
cold winter nights. But I digress from the subject of this message. We continue our search for 
the Schatten Gateway and await your further instructions.
							Professor Enrich Carhudt
							Paranormal Studies
							SS Occult Division 

Message decoded 12-18-1941
December 17, 1941
At long last, we have discovered the Schatten Gateway. All is on schedule per our last discussion. 
The ancient texts are being deciphered and the Gateway has been activated. I must strongly urge 
you to reconsider our orders. The amount of odd occurrences reported by the men has increased. 
Even I myself have on occasion heard and seen things I cannot explain. If the Gateway is truly a 
door to the underworld, as the legends state, I fear what we will release on the world. I do not 
believe we will be able to control or contain what unearthly forces we will free from their long 
slumber. We should not disturb the warriors of the past. I await your orders.
							Professor Enrich Carhudt
							Paranormal Studies
							SS Occult Division 

Orders issued 12-18-1941
An Allied listening post has intercepted several messages regarding what the Axis describe as 
"The Schatten (Shadow) Gateway". It would appear that the Furher's fanaticism with the occult 
may finally bear fruit. According to the messages the Axis have opened the gateway and are
planning to release some type of Supernatural Power on the Allies. Your mission is to breach the 
castle and steal the Ancient Text before the Axis can finish deciphering it, then escape to the  
waiting truck outside. The Axis cannot be allowed to complete this deadly project. If they 
succeed all hope may be lost. Not only for the Allied Nations, but possibly for all of mankind.


---Play Information---
Objective Game Description: The Allies are attempting to steal Reverse Engineering Logs from an Axis Facility. The Axis are trying to destroy the Mobile Radar station and the Power Generator to render the Allied Base useless.

- Allied Primary Objectives:  Steal the Ancient Texts from the Axis occupied Castle and escape to the waiting truck.
- Allied Primary Objectives:  Breach Main Gate.
- Allied Secondary Objectives: Destroy Wooden Barricade, To gain additional access to the Ancient Texts
- Allied Secondary Objectives: Destroy the Moat door
- Allied Secondary Objectives: Gain control of the Gallows Checkpoint.

- Axis Primary Objectives: Prevent the Ancient Texts from getting into the hands of the allies
- Axis Primary Objectives: Defend the Main Gate.
- Axis Secondary Objectives: Defend the Wooden Barricade 
- Axis Secondary Objectives: Defend the Moat Door.
- Axis Secondary Objectives: Keep control of the Gallows Checkpoint.

Checkpoint Game Description: "Checkpoint: Secure the Castle."

Axis respawn= 15
Ally respawn= 15
Round timelimit= 14
Recommended amount of players=20-30

I would like to thank everyone even if I forget to mention you by name.
Tunnelram and all the people at Tram Design for alot of general help
Surface for sending me in the right directions
Evil Lair for some textures and models
FPS for all the rest of the models
RTCW Files for just being there
Planet Pointy for some nice Easygen Tuts
Nib at Nibs World for some good (but sometimes hard to get through my skull) Tuts.

Thanks to all the members of =WSS=Clan for thier assistance in testing this map.
=WSS= Rev Den
=WSS= Pink
=WSS= Nasty Wolf
=WSS= Reich
=WSS= Chaves
=WSS= H20
=WSS= Red
=WSS= Gyro V2.6
You can visit them at

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. 

This file may not be distributed with any modifications.  

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on ANY CD or distribute it in
any way without my explicit permission.

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