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This mod is completely server-side. Players don't need to download anything to benefit from it's features. Shrub Mod makes many changes to g...


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File Description

This mod is completely server-side. Players don't need to download anything to benefit from it's features. Shrub Mod makes many changes to gameplay that would be useful to one-life, limited-lives, and even unlimited-lives gameplay. Most of these changes are optional, at the administrator's discretion. The main features are:

Allow / Disallow Soldier Guns | Ammo Giving / Donating | Ammo Hints | Ammo Packs Give Syringes and Pistol Rounds and Helmets | Axis / Allies Left | Binoculars for Non-LTs | Cancel Vote | Censor Chat | Clan Alignment | Classes | Client Number Finder | Corpse Dragging | Custom Bonus Points Values | Disable Checkpoint Flag Wins | Disable Corpse Sinking | Disable Flag Points | Disable Map-Starting Votes | Disable Medic Self-Healing when Carrying an Objective | Disallow Late Joins | Disallow Specific Votes | Dynamite Warnings | Force Respawn | Force Team | Freeze Tag | Flamethrower Self-Damage in FF-Off Mode | Fun Mode | Gib Reporting / Gib Points | Group / Name-Matching Private Messaging | Headshot Practice Mode | Helmet Protects from Head Shots | Ignore Clents | Ignore Complaint Forms | Kill Player | Lag Compensation | Launch / Throw / Fling | Leg Shot Temporary Speed Reduction | Limit Soldier Weapons | Lock / Unlock Teams | Orient / Disorient / Shake Player | Play Dead | Print Commands | Private Messaging | Proximity Mines | Revive Underwater | LT Damage Return | Property Damage | Rotating Server Messages / MOTDs | Shoving | Show Revives | Shuffle Teams & Auto Team Shuffling | Slapping | Spectator Locking | Spectators can Talk to Non-Specs | Start of Round Ammo Request Penalty | Statistics | Touch Gib | Uncap Ammo | Warmup Damage | Warmup Freezing

See shrub's site for further information.

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shrub mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.4/1.41
Version 3.0b, Released 1/1/03
by shrub - [email protected]


Note that this *is* a beta release, and I would appreciate any and all bug
reports you have.

This mod has been renamed to simply "shrub mod", as it is clear that its
usefulness has expanded well beyond OLTL servers.

What does this mod do?  To put it simply, I designed it primarily to give admins
increased control over every aspect of gameplay so that they may craft a unique
form of playing.  These controls include how points are assigned, what weapons
are allowed, what kind of actions are permissible, and how various in-game
objects are handled.  Second are conveniences for the player, including such
functions as shoving other players out of the way, comprehensive statistics,
automated reminders based on team composition, automated recommendations of
who should revive (which medic is closest) and who to give ammo to (who has the
greatest need, while factoring in distance from the LT), and more!

This mod is completely server-side.  The beauty of it is that it requires no
client downloads whatsoever.

Since there are so many customizable features in this mod, I have set the
variables to a default setting that I think would be a great foundation to start

As always, I'm open to suggestions!  I can be reached at the email address above.

Contents of this Document:
  1. Revision History
  2. Installation
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Command Summary
  5. What's New/Modified
  6. Features
  7. Known Bugs
  8. License

Beta 3.0 - released 1/1/03
  - added ready-up system
  - added anti-shove code to prevent shoving teammates to their death
  - added smoke grenades
  - added grenade packs
  - added poison needles
  - added mine hints
  - added weapon unlocking
  - added goomba killing
  - added throwable knives
  - added LT binocular drop on limbo
  - added medic health pack(s) drop on limbo
  - added engineer grenade(s) drop on limbo
  - added chat anti-repeat-spamming protection
  - added rcon lite
  - added high achievers announcements
  - added important flag
  - added poisoning/shoving/goomba deaths logging
  - added objective dropping
  - added sound pack support
  - added death/flamethrower sounds
  - added spectator clicking
  - added g_corpsewar
  - added multiclass
  - added variable maxlives through g_allowLateJoins
  - team counts now displayed in /classes
  - start of round/warmup is now logged
  - added console command "chatclient"
  - added client command "me"
  - chat/chatclient/cp/print are now logged
  - disabled giving ammo from pistols for g_giveammo 2
  - added "On my way" voice chat
  - headshot mode icons now face the shooter
  - modified display of round stats (condensed)
  - fixed bug involving playing dead and mg42s/shoving
  - fixed bug involving putteam and limited-life play
  - locked teams are now persistant across swap_team calls
  - added spec-locking functionality to command "lock"
  - added "lock all" and "unlock all"
  - greatly improved spec-locking
  - added pistol only and needle only modes
  - ammo capping changed significantly
  - modified display of life stats (newlines fixed)
  - medic hints can now be toggled
  - added ability to destroy own objectives
  - added ability to disable objectives/objective spawning
  - added cvars for med/engr grenades and clips
  - added cvar for fatigue recharge rate
  - added warmup announcement
  - fixed gib logging reversal
  - fixed bug involving giveammo
  - added launcha/throwa/flinga/slapa
  - removed unlag
  - removed private messaging (replaced w/name-matching PMing)
  - removed g_allow* cvars (replaced with g_max* cvars)
  - fixed various wolf exploits

Beta 2.07-1.4 - released 11/17/02
  - removed g_ammoGivesPistol

Beta 2.07 - released 8/26/02
  - added corpse dragging
  - added proximity mines
  - added unlag code
  - added ammo giving/donating
  - added warmup damage
  - added group/name-matching private messaging
  - added uncap ammo option
  - added ignore feature (console and vote)
  - added warmup freeze
  - added complaint form ignoring
  - added playing dead
  - added ammo hints (display how much ammo teammates have)
  - added client num finding feature
  - added console slap player
  - added console kill player
  - added console force team
  - added console lock/unlock teams
  - added console force respawn
  - added console print commands
  - added console orient/disorient/shake player
  - vote strings are displayed in console
  - shuffle now keeps previous round and timeleft values for stopwatch mode
  - team gib messages are now yellow

Beta 2.06.1 - released 8/14/02
  - fixed bug involving scoring simultaneous self and other player gibs
  - fixed bug involving scripted map explosions and property damage
  - fixed bug involving fast-loading clients being allowed to late join when
    g_allowLateJoin was off
  - gib messages in client-side log now end names with ^7

Beta 2.06 - released 8/6/02
  - g_allowPF now defaults to 1
  - added chat filter/censor feature
  - manual spectator voice chats are disabled unless g_allowSpecChat is on
  - added special soldier weapons limiting feature
  - added private messaging feature
  - added team shuffling feature
  - added auto team shuffler (shuffle after team has x more wins than the other)
  - auto shuffler now takes into account stopwatch mode
  - added clan alignment feature
  - added headshot mode
  - disallowed dropping weapons while frozen
  - added "unstick" fix to freeze tag
  - fixed bug involving "most kills/revives" stat display
  - added disallowed votes feature
  - added votes for freezetag and headshot modes
  - fixed bug involving g_allowStartVotes
  - medics can revive underwater through g_waterRevive
  - flamers can damage themselves in ff-off mode through g_flameDamage
  - added censored word penalty (gibs players who say a censored word)
  - freeze tag unfreeze timeouts now respawn players at spawn points
  - added more help messages to freeze tag mode

Beta 2.05 - released 7/23/02
  - g_allowLateJoins now defaults to 1
  - g_flagPoints now defaults to 1
  - fixed "getting stuck in something after being revived" bug
  - added freeze tag gametype
  - added property damage feature
  - shortened length of /classes printout
  - spectator stats no longer logged
  - fixed minor bug involving axis/allies left being printed during intermission
  - added rotating server messages/MOTDs
  - added "FF off" mode to touch gibbing
  - added most kills/revives to end of round stats
  - dynamite warnings are now adjustable
  - start round ammo penalties now adjustable
  - added recognition for blocking an air strike
  - ammo packs can give helmets back
  - launch/throw/fling no longer have 3-space limitation
  - allow binoculars for non-LTs
  - added spawnhats to fun mode
  - MG42 repairs and blowing objectives is now logged

  - changes made to freeze tag since its initial beta:
    - changed from fire to green icon over head when frozen
    - added console messages with method of death
    - added logging of freezes and unfreezes
    - added freeze tag stats and most freezes/unfreezes
    - added needle proximity unfreezing
    - fixed bug involving objectives
    - added Medic! cry to freezes
    - added point system
    - added "Axis Win/Allies Win" banner to end game check
    - fixed bug involving end game checks
    - rewrote unfreeze code so that g_unFreezeTime is no longer relative to
      server load
    - added g_freezeRespawn to set a time-out for automatic unfreezing
    - added g_unFreezeInvul to set invulnerability time after unfreezing
    - disallowed frozen from picking up items (e.g. dropped objective)
    - frozen now drop to near or at ground level
    - fixed quirk involving flamethrower (client-side flame chunks)

Beta 2.04.2 - released 7/14/02
  - g_shove now defaults to 1
  - g_legDamage now defaults to 0

Beta 2.04.1 - released 7/13/02
  - changed way in which kill ratios are displayed
  - removed sarcastic remarks when player makes zero kills during life

Beta 2.04 - released 7/12/02
  - g_showTapOut now defaults to 0
  - renamed launch/throw/fling to launchn/thrown/flingn
  - added new launch/throw/fling that use clients' names
  - added g_allowLTF to disable launch/throw/fling and fun mode entirely
  - added friendly dynamite 5-second reminder g_dynaWarn
  - added g_medObjHeal to disallow medics self-healing when carrying objectives
  - enabled black text in names
  - added times killed and kill ratio to stats
  - silenced Medic and Need Ammo voice chats for fun mode
  - increased grenade and PF ammo given in fun mode
  - added round start ammo request penalty g_startAmmoPenalty
  - added leg shot speed reduction through g_legDamage
  - players can switch teams during warmup, regardless of g_maxlives

Beta 2.03 - released 7/06/02
  - added LT ammo distribution prioritizer
  - added no LT reminder
  - added g_lifeStats to toggle limbo displaying stats during life or round
  - added g_lockSpecs to keep spectators static and pointed up
  - added back team-switch anti-spam code with 5 second delay instead of 30
  - added g_flagWins to remove checkpoint flags
  - added location of downed player to medic reminders
  - added g_LTShootPenaltyRange to allow customization of enemy detection
  - increased default range of enemy detection for LT Shoot Penalty
  - fixed bug involving medic reminders detecting spectating medics
  - fixed bug involving last kill of the game not being counted in stats
  - added a number of cVars to customize bonus point values
  - added g_allowVenom to allow/disallow venom guns
  - added g_allowFlamer to allow/disallow flamethrowers
  - added g_allowMauser to allow/disallow mausers
  - helmet protection is now customizable (g_helmetProtects, g_helmetDamage)
  - fixed bug where late joiners in limited life games would still spawn
  - added g_showRevives to print revives in console
  - a player is no longer late join killed if only player on server
  - added g_teamCountConsole to enable/disable team counts in console
  - gib points can now be toggled with g_gibPoints
  - gib reporting can now be toggled with g_reportGibs
  - added g_logStats to print stats in server log at end of round
  - added g_showTapOut to disable "tapped out into limbo" messages

Beta 2.02 - released 7/02/02
  - added medic reminders
  - LT damage return now disabled when enemy is nearby
  - changed touch-gibbing to use id's new g_knifeonly code to remove weapons
  - spectators can talk to non-specs (cvar toggled, default off)
  - fixed minor spacing issue in the "tapped out" limbo message
  - ammo packs now add pistol ammo (cvar toggled)
  - changed how late joins are logged
  - now tracking team kills, gibs, team gibs, ammo & health given, head shots
  - print stats in console at end of round for each player
  - added cvar to log stats
  - Axis/Allies left reporting now cvar toggled
  - Axis/Allies left decreased frequency of reminders
  - launch/throw no longer work when someone is dead or spectating
  - added server-side command "fling"
  - added client-side command "stats"
  - added server cvar to disable corpse sinking
  - fixed bug where specs' stats would be displayed to someone else
  - fixed bug involving specs switching who they're following
  - fixed bug involving late joiners respawning in OLTL games
  - added distance function to debug mode
  - added range function to debug mode
  - added no medic reminder
  - added client-side command "classes"

Beta 2.01 - released 6/30/02
  - suicides (/kill) are explicitly reported in server log as such
  - fixed bug where self-initiate limbos would be counted as gibs by whoever
    last killed you
  - fixed bug where those joining during warmup would be late-join killed
  - decreased spawnguns to 1-10 guns (was 1-25)
  - decreased spawnnades to 10 nades (was 40)
  - added headshot detection to debug mode (debug mode is undocumented)
  - allow ammo pack syringes to be enabled/disabled by a server cvar

Beta 2.0 - released 6/29/02
  - Updated for RTCW 1.33 code
  - Added grenade shower
  - Inactivity drop won't apply to fallen
  - Added give grenades on demand for g_fun mode
  - Fixed bug with giving health on demand (could revive self)
  - /spawnGun renamed to /spawnGuns
  - Fixed spawnGuns/spawnNades spam exploit (server could crash when it exceeds
    max entities)
  - Added global debug cvar
  - Added touch-gib mode

* Changes prior to 2.0 were not documented

This is a 1.4/1.41-compatible mod.  If you are not running 1.4/1.41, you *will*
experience Weird Things during gameplay.

  - Create a folder "shrubmod" inside your Return to Castle Wolfenstein Folder
    e.g. C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\shrubmod
  - Extract "qagame_mp_x86.dll" into this folder
  - Copy your server.cfg or create one in this folder
  - Run RTCW with the flag "+set fs_game shrubmod"
    (create a shortcut to RTCW, right click on it and select "Properties", and
     in the "Target" box, add " +set fs_game shrubmod" at the end)

  - Create a directory "shrubmod" in your RTCW directory
    e.g. "/usr/local/games/wolfenstein/shrubmod"
  - Extract into this directory
  - Copy your server.cfg or create one in this directory
  - Run RTCW with the flag "+set fs_game shrubmod"

In both cases, copy the soundpack.pk3 file to /main if you would like to use

If these directions aren't clear, you probably shouldn't be running a server!

3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (In alphabetical order)
The following people helped in testing and/or contributed ideas or bug reports:
  2.01 and prior: D6M14, EvilOne, Glocksmith, Leviathan, Liquidity, logosmani,
    Mr. Underhill, Phreylan, pure
  2.02: Bishop, BluNereid, Dima
  2.03: Bishop, Glocksmith, HappyG, Infinite, KingFlea, PizDets, Reflexion
  2.04: Reflexion, Scott307
  2.05: BlackRider, CorbinDallas, d-dog, ^Evil^, Glocksmith, Viagra
  2.06: Artemis, BlackRider, Daz, Dead Penguin Clan, Glocksmith, HappyG,
    Jimbonics, Shredded Wheat
  2.06.1: LANMAN, Reflexion
  2.07: 420, Adrian, EvilOne, HappyG, LANMAN, logosmani, Phreylan
  3.0: 420, BlooDHounD, Cpl. Konig, DaBadGuy, Glocksmith, Knuckles, LANMAN,
    Lehmann, Mad Gasser, MMmmGood, Otto, RedHo7Lea7her, Toter, Vomitron

Thank you to chmod 700 for his contributions to this project.

Thank you to The Quark, who originally ran his own mod for 1.31 featuring gib
reporting/points, axis/allies left, and late join killing.

Thanks to Neil Toronto for his Unlagged server-side lag compensation code, used
in 2.07b.




Cvars:		     Default	Description
  g_medicNades		1	# of nades medics begin with
  g_LTNades		1	# of nades LTs begin with
  g_medicClips		0	# of spare clips medics begin with
  g_engineerClips	1	# of spare clips engineers begin with
  g_spawnInvul		3	spawn invulnerability time
  g_reviveInvul		3	revive invulnerability time
  g_staminaRate		1	proportional to stamina recharge rate
  g_destroyOwnObj	0	allow defender to destroy objectives
  g_noObjWins		0	disallow objective wins
  g_corpseWar		0	requires map_restart to reset :)
  g_maxClips		3	max # of clips one can store in reserves
  g_54321		1	enable/disable warmup voice countdown
  g_waterSniping	1	allow/disallow water sniping *
  g_packDistance	1	proportional to distance med/ammo packs travel
  g_medicHints		1	enable/disable "You are closest med..." messages
  g_complaintForms	1	enable/disable TK complaint forms (for bots)
  g_pistolOnly		0	enable/disable pistol only round (map_restart)
  g_needleOnly		0	enable/disable needle only round (map_restart)

* If you don't know what this is, leave it alone.  As a side effect, this will
disable sniping while in shallow water.

Commands (client-side):

Upon issuing the "classes" command (either via bind or in the console using
/classes), a player will receive, in the center of his/her screen, the number of
each class on his/her team.

New for 2.05:  The length of the printout has been shortened to prevent line
breaks on large servers.

New for 3.0: Team counts are now displayed in "classes".  Classes will also
be displayed in the chat window area of the high achievers list is active.

CLIP DROPPING - new for 3.0
  g_dropClips		default: 1	enable/disable clip dropping

When g_dropClips is on, extra clips of ammo in a player's reserves are dropped
along with the ammo already in the gun.  A player who picks up the gun will
receive the extra ammo.

  g_noObjSpawns		default: 0	enable/disable objective spawning

When g_noObjSpawns is on, any objective that requires dynamite will not appear
when the round begins.  This is intended for special circumstances such as
playing The Damned or Chateau in an OLTL setting.  If this feature is enabled
on a map such as Sub or Depot, the round will end prematurely.  Make sure you
set this appropriately in the rotation if you plan on using it.

  g_allowLateJoins	default: 1	allow/disallow late joins
  g_lateJoinTime	default: 15	time after round start when one is late

If g_allowLateJoins is off (0), any players joining the game after
g_lateJoinTime seconds will be killed.  This method is preferrable to blocking
joins using other methods since it allows players to pick their team immediately,
without affecting gameplay.  Late joins are logged in the following format:

Late Joiner: <clientNum>: <clientName>

New for 3.0: When g_allowLateJoins is 2, late joiners are given a number of
lives proportional to the time they joined the game.  For example, if the
timelimit is 20 minutes, maxlives is 30, and a player joins 10 minutes into
the game, he will receive 15 lives.  This works with the axis/allied maxlives
cvars, as well.


When g_friendlyFire is set to 2, damage given to teammates is returned to the

  g_goomba		default: 1	enable/disable disable goomba killing

When g_goomba is enabled (1), players can jump on top of enemies to inflict
damage.  The higher the jump, the more damage is given.  If the height is
sufficient, a jump can kill an enemy.  Increasing g_goomba scales the damage
done by that amount (decimals are okay).  Jumping on an enemy will also break
your fall.  Jumping on a teammate will not damage the teammate, but it will
break your fall.

GRENADE PACKS - new for 3.0
  g_grenadePacks	default: 1	enable/disable LT grenade packs

Commands (client-side):
  grenades, gp, alt

When g_grenadePacks is on (1), Lieutenants can toggle grenade packs on/off by
using the command "grenades".  The procedure is similar to mines.  After
enabling grenade packs, the next ammo pack thrown will be a grenade pack which
contains 4 grenades.  Grenade packs require a full energy bar.

Clients can also use the command "alt" while holding an ammo pack to enable/
disable a grenade pack.  Suggestion: bind your weapalt key (for the mauser) to
"weapalt; alt".

  g_privateMessages	default: 1	turn on/off private messages
  g_minMsgChars		default: 2	min number of characters in name

Commands (client-side):
  mg, pm, m

These commands differ from the regular private messaging commands in that they
do not require a complete name to match.  The syntax is:

/m <match> <message here>

The same syntax applies to /pmg and /mg.  The message is sent to every player
who contains <match> in their name.  This can be one match or multiple matches.
This is particularly useful for messaging an entire clan.  This command is
more versatile than the existing private messaging command and will eventually
replace the existing private messaging commands.

The <match> string must be g_minMsgChars in length or greater to prevent abuse.

New for 3.0:  Group/name-matching private messaging now uses the commands "msg",
"pm", and "m".  Messages are now displayed in the chat window if they will fit.
Otherwise, they are displayed in the console with a reminder in the chat window.

  g_highAchievers	default: 4095

When g_highAchievers is set, the players with the greatest stats for the
previous round will be announced in the center of the screen during warmup.  If
two players share the same title, no player will be announced for that category.

g_highAchievers can be set by adding up the desired values:

1 - Most Kills
2 - Most Deaths
4 - Most Gibs
8 - Most Revives
16 - Greatest Accuracy
32 - Most Property Damage
64 - Most Binoculars Collected
128 - Most Health Given
256 - Most Ammo Given
512 - Most Poison Kills
1024 - Most Goomba Kills

For example, if you want to display the most kills and most revives during
warmup, set g_highAchievers to 9 (1+8).  Note that in order to be considered for
the accuracy stat, a player must have shot 30 bullets or more during the round.

Two additional options can be set:

2048 - Auto Adjust Warmup
4096 - Print in the Console

Auto Adjust Warmup will automatically set warmup to the amount of time required
to accomodate the high achievers list.  If you do not have Auto Adjust Warmup
enabled, you must set warmup to at least 7 seconds + 4 seconds for each high
achiever displayed.  Print in Console will print the high achievers in the
console as they are displayed in the center of the screen so that they can be
referred to later.

The default setting, 4095, corresponds to everything but Print in the Console.

IMPORTANCE FLAG - new for 3.0
Commands (server-side):
  important <clientnum>, unimportant <clientnum>

The server-side command "important <clientnum>" will set that client as
important.  A user flagged as important has the following privileges:

  1) Cannot be vote kicked or ignored
  2) Can switch teams at any time, regardless of maxlives or balance
  3) Can bypass chat censorship
  4) Can bypass chat and voicechat flood protection
  5) Can see all team chat as a spectator
  6) Can vote and call votes as a spectator
  7) Can chat as a spectator regardless of g_allowSpecChat
  8) Cannot be filed against
  9) Can drop objectives an unlimited amount of times
 10) Can play any lsound

This is intended for use in an automated form, e.g. a bot.  "unimportant
<clientnum>" will revert "important".

  g_allowLTF		default: 1	enable/disable launch/throw/fling

Commands (server-side):
  launch <clientname>		launch <clientnumber>		launcha
  throw <clientname>		throw <clientnumber>		throwa
  fling <clientname>		fling <clientnumber>		flinga

Launch propels a player into the air, while throw pushes them forward and
slightly into the air.  This is intented to be used in conjunction with programs
such as Wolfenstein Admin Bot which can parse "say" or "say_team" commands for
"launch" and "throw" and a player name and send the appropriate command along
with the client number derived from the specified player name.  However, there's
nothing stopping you from experimenting with the command manually.  e.g., if
you're the first person to connect, a "launch 0" will launch yourself.

New for 2.02: fling has the upwards velocity of launch and a random direction on
the x-y plane.

New for 2.04: launch/throw/fling have been renamed to launchn/thrown/flingn.
New launch/throw/fling commands have been implemented that will allow you to
use a client's name instead.  Do not use colors when typing the client's name.
You may have a maximum of three spaces in the name.  If there are more than
three spaces, use the client number instead.

g_allowLTF must be on (1) for any of the launch/throw/fling commands to work.
This variable can only be set to 0 through the command line (add the following:
"+set g_allowLTF 0").  It cannot be modified through the console.  This is
useful for admins who wish to deny launch/throw/fling to rcon users.

New for 2.05: The 3-space limitation no longer applies to launch/throw/fling.

New for 3.0: "launcha", "throwa", and "flinga" will launch, throw, and fling
all players on the server.

LIMBO DROPPING - new for 3.0
  g_dropBinocs		1	enable/disable binoculars dropping on limbo
  g_dropHealth		2	# of med packs medics drop when they limbo
  g_dropNades		2	# of nades engineers drop when they limbo

g_dropBinocs enables/disables dropping binoculars when players limbo, if they
have one.  g_dropHealth controls the number of medic packs a medic drops when he
limbos (0 disables).  g_dropNades controls the number of grenades an engineer
drops (unprimed :) when he limbos - it is the minimum of g_dropNades and the
number of grenades he has left in reserve (0 disables).  Dropped grenades will
add to a player's current grenade total and cap at the game default of 15.

The number of binoculars picked up are tracked and can be used with the high
achievers list.  Thus, even if you give every class binoculars, it may still be
fun to leave g_dropBinocs on.

LOCK / UNLOCK TEAMS - new for 2.07
Commands (server-side):
  lock <team>
  unlock <team>

Locking a team will prevent further players from joining that team.  The team
specified can be either axis/red/r or allies/blue/b.  Unlocking it has the
opposite effect.

New for 3.0: added "lock specs" and "unlock specs", which will change
g_lockSpecs for you.  Additionally, you can now "lock all" and "unlock all"
to do the obvious.

  g_dropObj		default: 3	# of times a player can drop objective

g_dropObj controls the number of times a player can drop an objective per life.
Objective dropping is achieved by holding the knife and hitting the +dropweapon
key.  Setting g_dropObj to 0 disables this feature.

MAP MESSAGES - new for 3.0
  g_mapMessages		default: 1	enable/disable map messages

When g_mapMessages is enabled (1), status messages pertaining to the map are
printed in the console along with the time they occured.  Examples of these
messages include "The Axis have recovered the forward deployment!", "The Allies
have stolen the documents!", and the like.

Duplicate messages are not printed.

MULTICLASS - new for 3.0
  g_multiClass		default: 0	enable/disable multiclass

When g_multiClass is enabled (1), every player will spawn with the special
abilities of the medic, engineer, and lieutenant.  Players can cycle through
the syringe/pliers/airstrike canister/ammo pack/health pack by repeatedly using
the weaponbank 5 and weaponbank 6 keys (typically bound to 5 and 6).  All
players have binoculars and can call artillery.  This feature is useful for 1v1
or 2v2 play.

"ON MY WAY" VOICE CHAT - new for 3.0
Commands (client-side):

The command "omw" will issue the "Affirmative, on my way!" voice chat to the
user's team only.  This chat is subject to any flood protections.

POISON NEEDLES - new for 3.0
  g_poison		default: 20	damage per second/disable

Medics can use their needles against enemies to poison them by walking up to an
enemy and poking him with the syringe as he would a revive.  The poison will
disorient the enemy and deal g_poison damage per second until he picks up a
health pack or dies.  Setting g_poison to 0 disables this feature.

PRINT COMMANDS - new for 2.07
Commands (server-side):
  chat <message>
  chatclient <clientnum> <message>
  cp <message>
  print <message>

Chat, cp, and print write text to the chat area, center of the screen, and
console, respectively.  Text from these commands is not preceeded by "Console:",
and you may use \n to add a line break for chat and print.

New for 3.0: chatclient can be used to send chat area text to a specific player.
These 4 commands are now also logged.

PROXIMITY MINES - new for 2.07
  g_mines		default: 0	enable/disable proximity mines
  g_mineActivate	default: 3	seconds before an armed mine activates
  g_mineAutoDisarm	default: 1	disarm mine when player limbos
  g_mineShootable	default: 0	whether mine can be shot at or not
  g_mineHints		default: 1	enable/disable mine hints
  g_outdoorMines	default: 0	enable/disable outdoor-only mines

Commands (client-side):
  mine, usemine

When g_mines is on (1), engineers can plant proximity mines in the same manner
that they plant dynamite.  In order to set their next dynamite to become a mine,
engineers must issue the command /mine or /usemine (it is recommended that these
commands be bound to a key).  They will receive confirmation on their screen
that mines are enabled, and they can switch back to dynamite if they change
their mind by issuing the command again.

After planting a mine, they have g_mineActivate seconds to move away from the
mine before it activates.  When the mine is activated, it strobes red and is
easily distinguishable from regular dynamite.  When a player enters the red
light radius and has sufficient line-of-sight with the mine, the mine will

Mines can be destroyed using 2-3 grenades or other explosives.  By default,
mines can only take damage from explosives, but if g_mineShootable is on (1),
mines can take damage from other weapons.  It is recommended that
g_mineShootable remain at its default.

Engineers are limited to one mine at a time.  By default, their mine will
deactivate and sink into the ground if they die and enter limbo.  If you
prefer to have the mine persist across multiple respawns, set
g_mineAutoDisarm to 0.

New for 3.0: When g_mines is 2, only enemies can trigger mines.

When a user has dynamic lights on, he can see that axis mines are yellow and
allied mines are violet.

g_mineHints 1 will enable notifications when one is near a friendly mine, with
text depending on the status of g_mines.

Clients can also use the command "alt" while holding dynamite to enable/disable
a mine.  Suggestion: bind your weapalt key (for the mauser) to "weapalt; alt".

Setting g_outdoorMines to 1 will permit mines to only be planted outside.

RCON LITE - new for 3.0
  g_rconlPassword	default: blank	RCON Lite password
  g_rconlCommands	default: blank	RCON Lite allowed commands

Commands (client-side):
  rconlpassword <password>, rconl [password] <command>

When g_rconlPassword is set, users with this password can run commands specified
in g_rconlCommands.  For example, suppose you have the following in your config:

seta g_rconlPassword "asdf"
seta g_rconlCommands "map_restart clientkick g_gravity"

A player can then use the command "rconl asdf g_gravity 800".  Similarly, a
player can avoid having to type the rconl password every time he issues an rconl
command by using "rconlpassword asdf" first.  After setting rconlpassword, the
rconl command can simply be "rconl g_gravity 800".

This is useful for allowing certain people to administrate the server without
granting them full access.  Note that responses from the server will not be
displayed to the rconl user (e.g. status), but client numbers can still be
found using "clientnum".

READY-UP SYSTEM - new for 3.0
  g_readyUp		default: 0	enable/disable ready-up system

Commands (client-side):
  ready, notready

When g_readyUp is 1, warmups will be indefinately long until every Axis or
Allied player has indicated he is ready by issuing the command "ready".  Though
the warmup will still countdown, it will revert to 1000 when it reaches 10.
The names of players not ready will cycle in the center of the screen until
every player is ready.  When all players have readied-up, the warmup will 
reset to 10 seconds and the round will begin after that time has expired.

  g_maxRepeats		default: 2	number of repeats allowed

g_maxRepeats defines the maximum number of times an identical string of text can
be said before it is blocked from sending.  Setting g_maxRepeats to 0 disables
repeat protection.

  g_shove		default: 1	turn shoving on/off
  g_shoveAmount		default: 80	amount of shove to apply
  g_shoveNoZ		default: 1	turn z-axis shoving on/off (1 means off)
  g_shoveOff		default: 0	enable/disable shoving team off ledges

Commands (client-side):

When g_shove is on (1), players can shove each other using +salute.  For example,
players may "/bind mouse2 +salute" in the console.  Shoving will push the player
they are pointing at an amount proportional to g_shoveAmount.  Players can
crouch and look up to give some lift to their shove force, but only if
g_shoveNoZ is off (0).  This feature is useful for use against players who are
blocking doorways or other key areas.  You can also have fun with it by turning
g_shoveNoZ off (0) and increasing g_shoveAmount to something greater, e.g. 300.
I'd recommend playing catch: one player stands on another, the bottom player
shoves upwards and tries to catch the launched player.

New for 3.0: Shoving teammates to their death is now disabled by leaving
g_shoveOff at its default of 0.  This is particularly useful for Tram and Keep.
When g_shoveOff is 1, no anti-shove checks occur.

SLAPPING - new for 2.07
Commands (server-side):
  slap <clientnumber>		slapa

This command will slap the specified player around for 2.5 seconds and deduct
approximately 25 health.  This command requires a clietnumber, which can be
found with the /clientnum helper function or used in conjunction with WAB.

This command requires g_allowLTF to be on.

New for 3.0: "slapa" will slap all players on the server.  It is not advisable
to use this on large (40+) servers.

SMOKE GRENADES - new for 3.0
  g_smokeGrenades	default: 15	smoke grenade time/disable
  g_smokeGrenadesLmt	default: 0	max smoke grenades per life

Commands (client-side):
  sg, smoke, alt

Lieutenants can toggle smoke grenades on/off with the command "sg" or "smoke"
(operation similar to mines).  After enabling a smoke grenade, the next air
strike can will become a smoke grenade, emitting smoke southerly for
g_smokeGrenades seconds.  Smoke grenades require 1/4 of the energy bar.
Setting g_smokeGrenades to 0 disables this feature.

Clients can also use the command "alt" while holding an airstrike canister to
enable/disable a smoke grenade.  Suggestion: bind your weapalt key (for the
mauser) to "weapalt; alt".

g_smokeGrenadesLmt sets the maximum number of smoke grenades that can be thrown
per life (from spawn to limbo).  Setting it to zero allows for unlimited smoke
grenades to be thrown.

SOUND PACKS - new for 3.0
    default: "fear1 fear2 halt heifer meingut schnell scream smellhim stophim"

Commands (client-side):
  lsound <sound> [text]

Commands (server-side):
  gsound <sound>

Sound packs are now supported in the shrub mod.  The included soundpack.pk3 file
contains a selection of sounds that you can use with this feature.  If you would
like to use it, you must copy the soundpack.pk3 (do not unzip it!) to your /main
folder, not the /shrubmod folder.  Be sure to restart the server for the sounds
to be loaded.

Clients will not hear a sound unless they have a copy of it on their machine.
Thus, you should make soundpack.pk3 available for download and instruct your
players to copy it to their /main folder.  Players will still be able to play
as normal if they do not have sounds that are on the server.  Naturally, they
would not hear them.

There are two commands used to play sounds:  gsound and lsound.  Gsound, or
global sound, can only be used through the console/rcon.  The syntax is:
gsound <sound>

Sound is the name of the sound, without the .wav extension.  If you open up the
soundpack.pk3 file in a program that can read zip files, you will see some of
the sounds available for your use.  For example, you can type "gsound heifer" to
play heifer.wav.  There are also sounds in 300+ MB pak0.pk3 file, and mp_pak
files that you can use.  Note that you must specify the paths in these files.
For example, "rcon gsound sound/beast/skull_shriek1" (this is in pak0.pk3).
Notice that the sounds in soundpack.pk3 are not contained in subfolders, so
no path is required.

Clients can play sounds that are specified in g_allowedSounds using the lsound
command.  Lsound, or local sounds, are heard by the client and those in his
vicinity.  The syntax is similar to gsound.  For example, "lsound fear1".  Any
text after the name of the sound is printed in the chat window, giving the
effect of a voice chat.  For example, "lsound fear1 Don't kill me!".

If the sound specified after "lsound" is not in g_allowedSounds, it will not
play.  If a player is flagged as important, he can play any sound, regardless of
its presence in g_allowedSounds.

Creating your own sound pack to add new sounds and voice chats to the game is
relatively straightforward.  Simply collect the sounds you wish to add and
convert them to mono if necessary.  You *must* save them in PCM format with no
compression.  Add them to a .zip file and rename the file to .pk3.  Copy this
new .pk3 file to /main and allow your players to download and copy it to their
/main folders, as well.  DO NOT ASK ME FOR HELP WITH THIS PROCESS.  I WILL *NOT*

Installing the included soundpack.pk3 will play a sound of a body collapsing
when players die and screaming sounds when players are first hit with a

Free-floating spectators can aim and click on the person who they wish to
spectate.  If the point at which a spectator is aiming is not on a player, he
will spectate the next person that can be spectated.  Remember that the
+activate key will release a spectator from 1st-person spectating and back into
free-floating spectating.

SPECTATOR LOCKING - new for 2.03
  g_lockSpecs		default: 0	turn on/off spectator locking

When g_lockSpecs is on (1), spectators cannot moved and are forced to look
straight up.  This is a simple mechanism to help curb any voice chat "cheating"
that may occur.  It's not perfect, however, as specs can still hear sounds.

New for 3.0: Spectator locking has been greatly improved, with nothing useful
visible or audible to the spectators.

THROWABLE KNIVES - new for 3.0
  g_throwableKnives	default: 1	initial number of throwable knives 
  g_maxKnives		default: 5	max knives one can carry
  g_knifeDamage		default: 35	max damage thrown knife gives

When g_throwableKnives is set, players start off with g_throwableKnives knives
that can be thrown by selecting the knife and hitting the "+dropweapon" key.
Setting g_throwableKnives to -1 gives players an unlimited number of knives to
throw.  Players can throw one knife every .75 seconds.  Setting
g_throwableKnives to 0 disables this feature.

If a player misses and the knife lands on the ground, it can be picked up and
added towards the total number of knives he has left to throw.  This amount,
where applicable, is displayed in the chat area when a player switches to
his knife.

If a knife hits an enemy, it does a maximum of g_knifeDamage damage.  If
friendly fire is on, it will do the same damage if a knife hits a teammate.
If friendly fire is off, a knife that hits a teammate will instead go towards
that teammate's throwable knives count.

g_maxKnives is the limit to how many knives one can carry at any given time.
Though a player can continue to pick up knives, he will only have up to 
g_maxKnives knives at his disposal.  Setting g_maxKnives to 0 removes this

UNCAP AMMO - changed: new for 3.0
  g_capAmmo		default: 0	enable/disable forced ammo caps

When g_capAmmo is off (0), players' ammo won't reset to the g_maxclips value
when they pick up an ammo pack.  This scenario occurs only for medics and
engineers, who can potentially have more than g_maxclips clips in their reserves
if they pick up dropped weapons.

UNLOCK WEAPONS - new for 3.0
  g_unlockWeapons	default: 2	see documentation

g_unlockWeapons has 3 settings:
  0 - disabled
  1 - medics and engineers can drop their gun and pick up mp40s/thompsons/stens
  2 - any class can drop their gun and pick up any weapon
  3 - venoms/flamethrowers/mausers drop on limbo

Each setting is cumulative.

My hand aches.

  g_ASBlock		default: 0	turn on/off air strike blocking

When g_ASBlock is on (1), players are recognized in the center of the screen
when they block an air strike.

  g_allowPF		default: 0	allow/disallow panzerfausts
  g_allowFlamer		default: 1	allow/disallow flamethrowers
  g_allowMauser		default: 1	allow/disallow mauser
  g_allowVenom		default: 1	allow/disallow venom gun

When g_allowPF is off (0), players will be unable to select the Panzerfaust as
their weapon.  If they attempt to, they are told that it is not allowed and are
automatically switched to their team's default SMG (Thompson or MP40).

New for 2.03: Flamethrowers, Mausers, Venoms can be selectively disabled using
g_allowFlamer, g_allowMauser, and g_allowVenom, respectively.  By default, those
three variables are on (1).

AMMO GIVING / DONATING - new for 2.07
  g_giveAmmo		default: 1	enable/disable ammo giving/donating

Commands (client-side):
  giveammo <amount>

When g_giveAmmo is on (1), players can donate spare ammo from their reserves to
other players.  This is accomplished by standing near a player and pointing at
him, followed by issuing the command "/giveammo x", where x is the amount of
ammo he wishes to give.  This is useful in situations where a Lieutenant is not
around, and one player has plenty of ammo to spare.  The giveammo command can be
bound to a key with a pre-determined amount of ammo for added convenience.

Players can only give ammo to players with the same weapon as they one they are
holding when g_giveAmmo is 1.  When g_giveAmmo is 2, players can give ammo
to other types of weapons using exchange rates proportional to the size of
a weapon's clip.  For example, if a player with a Venom wishes to give 500 ammo
to a player with a MP40, the MP40 user will receive 32 bullets.

For both methods, only bullet-based weapons can exchange ammo.

AMMO HINTS - new for 2.07
  g_ammoHints		default: 1	turn on/off ammo hints
  g_ammoHintDelay	default: 250	time (ms) between hint updates

When g_ammoHints is on (1), Lieutenants will receive a readout of how much ammo
a teammate is carrying when he points at a teammate from a close distance.  This
value will update every g_ammoHintDelay milliseconds.

  g_ammoGivesSyringe	default: 1	turn on/off syringes in ammo packs
  g_ammoGivesPistol	default: 1	turn on/off pistol rounds in ammo packs
  g_ammoGivesHelmet	default: 1	turn on/off helmets in ammo packs

When g_ammoGivesSyringe is on (1), medics will receive one syringe per ammo
pack that they pick up.  The ten syringe limit still applies.  Similarly, when
g_ammoGivesPistol is on (1), pistol ammo is refilled by ammo packs.

New for 2.05: Ammo packs can return helmets when g_ammoGivesHelmet is on (1).
This can be used in conjunction with helmet protection, detailed elsewhere.

  g_showTeamCount	default: 1	turn team left reporting on/off
  g_teamCountConsole	default: 1	enable/disable team counts in console

When g_teamLeft is on (1), when a player enters limbo mode, the number of axis
and allies left per team is displayed to every player in the center of his/her
screen.  These totals take into account who has respawns left, thus it is
particularly useful for OLTL play.  If g_maxlives is 0, this information is not
displayed, regardless of g_teamLeft.

New for 2.03: When g_teamCountConsole is off (0), team counts are not displayed
in the console.

BINOCULARS FOR NON-LTs - new for 2.05
 g_binocs		default: 0	set which other classes have binocs

g_binocs has 7 modes of binocular distribution:

  1 - all, 2 - soldiers, 3 - medics, 4 - engineers, 5 - medics and soldiers,
  6 - soldiers and engineers, 7 - medics and engineers

A setting of 0 disables this feature.  Only LTs can call for artillery strikes.

Commands (server-side):

Cancelvote cancels a vote taking place.

CENSOR CHAT - new for 2.06
 g_censor		default: blank	list of words to censor in chat
 g_censorPenalty	default: 0	turn on/off gibbing for using censored
 g_censorPenaltyMsg	default: *	message to display when censored word is

* g_censorPenaltyMsg defaults to "^1Note: ^7You have been killed for using a
censored word"

When g_censor is set, words in g_censor will be filtered from any chats on the
server.  They will be replaced with asterisks.  For example, if g_censor is set
like so:

  g_censor "swear curse blah"

An attempt to say "I swear I'm going to curse and start swearing again." will
appear as "I **** I'm going to ***** and start ****ing again."  When a filtered
word is encountered, the text is sent with the colors stripped out.  Otherwise,
colors remain intact.

You must issue a map_restart if you make any changes to g_censor in order for
the changes to apply.

When g_censorPenalty is on (1), players explode when they say a censored word.
They are also messaged with g_censorPenaltyMsg, which can be customized.

Note: Both g_censor and g_censorPenaltyMsg must be set in a config file or in
the console.  Attempting to do so through rcon may result in only the first word
you enter being set as that cvar.

CLAN ALIGNMENT - new for 2.06
Commands (server-side):
  clan <team> <clan tag>

Upon issuing the "clan" command with the appropriate parameters, players with
the <clan tag> in their name will be moved to the specified <team>.  Everyone
else will be moved to the opposite team, regardless of team balance.  Spectators
will be ignored.  The team specified can be either axis, red, allies, or blue.
The clan tag must not have any colors and can include spaces.

Commands (client-side):
  clientnum <match>

This command will return a list of players with <match> in their name, their
score, and, most importantly, their client number.  This is a utility/helper
function to assist in using commands that require client numbers in the event
that you are not running WAB.

CORPSE DRAGGING - new for 2.07
  g_dragCorpse		default: 1	enable/disable corpse dragging

Commands (client-side):

When g_dragCorpse is on (1), players can drag other dead players around by
crouching over the body and holding down the +salute key.  It is recommended
that +salute be bound to a mouse button, which makes dragging much easier.
Corpse dragging is useful in situations where a medic is not nearby and a body
can be stashed in a safe area while a medic arrives.

Alternately, g_dragCorpse can be set to 2 to prevent players from dragging
enemy corpses.

  Name		     Default	Function
  g_stealObjBonus	10	bonus for stealing objective
  g_captureObjBonus	15	default bonus for capturing objective
  g_killCarrierBonus	10	bonus for killing objective carrier
  g_secureObjBonus	10	bonus for securing objective from slain carrier
  g_plantBonus		5	bonus for planting dynamite at objective
  g_diffuseBonus	5	bonus for diffusing dynamite
  g_destObjBonus*	-1	bonus for destroying objective with dynamite
  g_capBlueObjBonus*	-1	bonus for capturing allied objective
  g_capRedObjBonus*	-1	bonus for capturing axis objective

  * These three bonuses are special in that the points given are specified in
    the map.  To use the map's default values, set these cVars to -1.  Anything
    above or below -1 will override the map's default values.

These values are fairly self-explanatory, however, note that g_capBlueObjBonus
is added to an allied player who captures an objective for his team.  For
example, an allied player transmits the documents on mp_beach.  Likewise,
g_capRedObjBonus is for axis objectives.

Note that g_captureObjBonus is rarely used.

  g_flagWins		default: 1	enable/disable checkpoint flag wins

When g_flagWins is off (0), checkpoint flags are removed from the map after a
map_restart is called.  This effectively turns any solely checkpoint map into a
team deathmatch, and is not recommended for unlimited life games.

  g_sinkCorpses		default: 1	turn on/off corpse sinking

When g_sinkCorpses is off (0), corpses will remain on the ground indefinately,
unless gibbed by an explosive or other force.  Note that this setting will only
take affect if g_maxlives is 1.

  g_flagPoints		default: 1	allow/disallow flag points

When g_flagPoints is off (0), players do not receive points for retrieving flags.

  g_allowStartVotes	default: 1	allow/disallow map-starting votes
  g_maxStartVotes	default: 3	number of attempts allowed before player
					is kicked

When g_allowStartVotes is off (0), map-starting votes are disallowed.
Specifically, start_match and map_restart are not allowed at any time, and
reset_match is not allowed during warmup (so that reset_match can still be used
during actual round play in the event of a massive, intentional teamkill).  The
number of attempts to call a disallowed vote is tracked, and players are warned
not to call them after attempting to do so.  If the number of attempts meets or
exceeds g_maxStartVotes, the player is kicked.

  g_medObjHeal		default: 1	turn on/off medic self-healing when
					carrying obj

When g_medObjHeal is off (0), medics cannot heal themselves with their health
packs when they are carrying an objective.  They may still pick up enemy health
packs or health packs from other medics.

  g_disallowedVotes	default: "freezetag headshot normal"

Any vote strings contained in g_disallowedVotes will be denied if a user
attempts to call a vote for them.  For example, g_disallowedVotes can be changed

  g_disallowedVotes "freezetag headshot normal map"

This will deny votes to change the map.  Note that if you wish to use the
"Disable Map-Starting Votes" feature, you must NOT place "map_restart",
"start_match", or "reset_match" in the g_disallowedVotes cVar.

DYNAMITE WARNINGS - new for 2.04
  g_dynaWarn		default: 5	dynamite warning notification time

When g_dynaWarn is on (1), players near a friendly, armed dynamite are warned
that the dynamite will detonate 5 seconds prior to it doing so.

New for 2.05: g_dynaWarn now specifies the number of seconds before a dynamite
blows that teammates are notified.  It defaults to 5 seconds.  When g_dynaWarn
is 0, the feature is disabled.

FORCE RESPAWN - new for 2.07
Commands (server-side):
  respawn <clientnumber>

This command will immediately respawn a player who is either dead or in limbo,
regardless of how many lives the player has left in a g_maxlives game.  It
requires a clientnumber, which can be found with the /clientnum helper function
or used in conjunction with WAB.

FORCE TEAM - new for 2.07
Commands (server-side):
  putteam <team> <clientnumber>

This command will immediately switch someone to the specified team, which can be
either axis/red/r, allies/blue/b, or spectator/spec/s.  It requires a
clientnumber, which can be found with the /clientnum helper function or used in
conjunction with WAB.

  g_flameDamage		default: 0	turn on/off flamer self-damage in FF off

When g_flameDamage is on (1), flamethrowers can damage themselves even if
friendly fire is disabled.  When friendly fire is enabled, flamethrowers can
still damage themselves regardless of g_flameDamage.

FREEZE TAG - new for 2.05
  g_freezeTag		default: 0	turn freeze tag on/off
  g_unFreezeTime	default: 3	time to unfreeze
  g_freezeRespawn	default: 0	unfreeze timeout
  g_unFreezeInvul	default: 1	invulnerability time after unfreeze

When g_freezeTag is on (1), freeze tag mode is enabled upon restarting the map.
In freeze tag play, when a player "dies," he is frozen in place.  A green icon
hovers over the player's head to indicate that he is frozen.  The player will
not be able to move or shoot, but pivot around.

To unfreeze teammates, one must stand next to him for g_unFreezeTime seconds.
A player does not need to be facing the frozen teammate to unfreeze, so he can
simply touch the frozen teammate and face an area of interest to defend himself.
This time must be continuous.  If a player begins to unfreeze someone, then
ventures off and returns later, he will have to stand next to the teammate for
the full g_unFreezetime duration.

Medics can also unfreeze teammates instantly by using a needle, but medics can
still unfreeze "manually" to save needles.

Players receive 1 point for freezing an enemy, -3 points for freezing a team-
mate, 2 points for unfreezing a teammate, and 1 point for unfreezing a teammate
with a needle.

The object of the game is to freeze the entire opposing team.  Objective and
checkpoint wins are still valid.

It is highly recommended that you set g_maxlives to 1.  This will disallow
players from changing classes to become unfrozen.  Note that even though
g_maxlives is 1, players will technically never die.  It is also recommended
that you have enough time during warmup to allow players to switch classes.

If desired, frozen players can be automatically unfrozen after a certain
duration has passed since their initial freezing or a teammates' attempt at
unfreezing them, whichever is greater.  This can be set with g_freezeRespawn.
For example, if g_freezeRespawn is set to 120, players will automatically
unfreeze after two minutes of waiting.  It is not recommended that this
setting be used except in small games.

g_unFreezeInvul controls the number of seconds a player is invulnerable after
being unfrozen.  It defaults to one second.

Logging occurs in the following format:

  Freeze: <frozenNum> <freezerNum> (<method of death num>): <freezerName>
    froze <frozenName>
  Unfreeze: <frozenNum> <freezerNum>: <freezerName> unfroze <frozenName>

End of round stats are logged in the same way as normal play, except gibs
will always be 0.

Frozen players can partially be walked through to prevent problems with
blocking passageways, but this may also make it difficult to unfreeze with
the needle in certain situations.  The needle is also a "proximity unfreeze,"
since normal unfreezing has a proximity effect.  Thus, it is possible to
unfreeze multiple people with one needle.

Note that if you are holding a ticking grenade and are frozen, the grenade will
be frozen along with you.  When you are unfrozen, the grenade will be thrown.

Please report any bugs!

New for 2.06: Implemented fix similar to medic revive unstick fix in 2.05.
Additionally, players cannot drop their weapons while frozen.

Freeze Tag can be voted for if "freezetag" is removed from g_disallowedVotes.
See the documentation for g_disallowedVotes for details.  It is highly
recommended that you also remove "normal" from g_disallowedVotes if you decide
to allow the "freezetag" vote.  Players initiate relevant votes through the
command "/callvote freezetag" or "/callvote normal".

When g_freezeRespawn runs out, players are moved to the respawn queue instead of
unfreezing at their current position.  This works regardless of g_maxlives.

  g_fun			default: 0	turn fun mode on/off

When g_fun is on (1), the following applies:
    /spawnGuns	drop between 1 to 10 random guns near player
    /spawnNades	drop 10 nades randomly around player in a "nade shower"
    /spawnHats	drop 10 hats randomly around the player

  Additional Features:
    Give Ammo on Demand - players are given one grenade and ammo for their
			  two-handed weapon when calling for ammo
    Give Health on Demand - players are given 20 health when calling for a medic

New for 2.04: Requests for ammo and health are silenced when fun mode is on to
avoid flooding.  Grenades given and PF ammo given has also been increased.

g_allowLTF must also be on (1) for fun mode to be active.  g_allowLTF can only
be disabled in the command line (add "+set g_allowLTF 0" to the command).

GIB REPORTING / GIB POINTS - new for 2.03: now configurable
  g_reportGibs		default: 1 	enable/disable gib reporting
  g_gibPoints		default: 1	enable/disable gib points
  g_showTapOut		default: 0	turn on/off "tapped out into limbo" msgs

When g_reportGibs is on (1), player gibs (when someone transitions from being
revivable to limbo or directly from alive to limbo) are now reported in the
console and server log.  Team gibs are given a red-colored message to
distinguish themselves from enemy gibs.  Server logging of gibs occurs even when
g_reportGibs is off (0).
  FORMAT: Gib: <gibberClientID> <gibbedClientID>: <gibberName> gibbed

When g_gibPoints is on (1), players receive 1 point for gibbing an enemy and a 3
point deduction for gibbing teammates or gibbing himself.

When g_showTapOut is on (1), "tapped out into limbo" messages are displayed in
the console.

  g_headshot		default: 0	turn headshot mode on/off
  g_headshotDmg		default: 25	in headshot mode, damage per headshot

By popular demand, headshot practice mode has been added with the permission of
the Dead Penguin Clan.  When g_headshot is on (1), only knives or head shots
frombullet weapons do any damage.  Adjusting g_headshotDmg adjusts the amount of
damage each headshot inflicts.  You may w

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