Snow Soldier



From the Author:

This is the snow soldier skin, as you can tell....looks good...just doesnt have a helmet...that the only thing wrong he got everything else tho...just choose him as the normal soldier in the limbo menu. O and i havent tried this out yet as just a client so there always a first...

Soz, no screenshot yet (no RTCW on this PC) if some1 has one / wants to make one just drop it in my email box, thx!



//==================Nazi Snow Soldier Skin========================
//======================created by Ätty============================

This is the nazi soldier skin for RTCW...its pretty cool lookin skin....
The only thing that i could not get right is the damn helmet...its either didnt appear
or just was connected to the back of his head never on it....so i couldnt fix it maybe will
fix it another time....



Now to install this i would HIGHLY recomend backing up the folder u are about to install
You can edit the .pk files using winzip, winrar, winace, and other prog that can open up a zip file.

Now wht you have to do is go into the mp_pak0.pk3 file and click on the folder named models....extract the entire thing to the wolfenstein dir just for safe keeping. should take no more than a minute to do.

Now with that extracted and the .pk file still open...look for an option that says add....click it and find my folder named models and add it to the .pk file. should take no more than a minute to add and that all there is to it.

Go into the game ane your should be a soldier with the snow skin on it.....

Have fun

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