an RTCW Single player map..



K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7 

1. Introduction 
"K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7" is a silly yet ambitious project. 
Based on the mighty motto "One compiler to rule them all!", 
I decided to make an Inter-Gamepack(Q3, EF, WOLF, JK2, SOF2) mappack. 
Though it's called mappack, all of the maps share the same theme, again, 
which is called "K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7" 

2. Generic Info 
Title K02M1K 5N4K3 2K7 
Theme SFX 
Author a13n a.k.a qes & q3map 
3. Gamepack Specific Info 
There are a few differences between gamepacks. 
Below is a comparison table. 

BSP Name Game 
Start Method PK3 Size Silliness 
Q3 dm-5n4k3 MP(FFA) In-Game Menu 1,200 KB Excessive 
EF hm-5n4k3 MP(HM) In-Game Menu 1,400 KB Low 
WOLF sp-5n4k3 SP ¥spmap sp-5n4k3 4,200 KB High 
JK2 ffa-5n4k3 MP(FFA) In-Game Menu 1,900 KB Normal 
SOF2 sp-5n4k3 SP ¥map sp-5n4k3 280 KB You Crazy 
One thing they have in common is the fact they support bots! 

4. Construction Info 
Editor GtkRadiant 1.2.13 
Compiler q3map2 2.5.14 (The Red Swingline) 
Build Time Unknown 
Complie Time Within 30 secs for each gamepack 
Build PC PentiumIII 804MHz 512MB of SD-RAM GeforceIII 
OS Windows NT 5.0 SP3 

5. External Credits 
MrCleaN for the teleporter model. (Q3, EF, JK2) 
Rgoer for the skybox model. (Q3)

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