SP Korfe



OBJECTIVE: Steal Artifact

There has been a lot of "high level" communications between Berlin and this remote castle. There are rumors that an artifact of great religious significance has been found near by and has been taken to Korfe. It is thought that the Germans may have found the lost treasures of the Knights Templar. Such a treasure, if it exists, must be recovered at all cost.

Your job is to gain entry to the castle. There is a large garrison in the near by village so don't do anything to alert the Germans to your presence. Take out the radio operator to stop the Germans calling for help. Find the artifact and make good your escape.

Good luck.

It is recommend that you run this map with the 1.33 patch installed. Please install by unzipping this file to C/…/Return to Castle Wolfenstein. **Do not place this file in / Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main** Go to this directory and right click on the bat file "sp_korfe" and send to desktop. You will now find a shortcut on your desktop from which you can run this map.



Welcome to Korfe.

A SP map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Detoeni.

Important note. 
Some smaller computers may have difficulty running this map. 
The recommended spec is 2Ghz, 256Mb RAM, 64Mb graphics card.
The minimum spec is 1Ghz, 128Mb RAM, 32Mb graphics card.

Game Information.

File name:	sp_korfe
Game types:	SP.
Version:	Final
Release:	2.10.2003


Please report any faults found to [email protected]


This map has been based on Corfe Castle on the South Coast of England, or rather on how it looked up until the end of the 15th century.
The castle was destroyed after the English Civil War and now The National Trust looks after the ruins. 

Pictures of Corfe as it is today:

This map was made using GTKradiant 1.3.11 and Q3map2.
On an AMD 2.2GHz, 512Mb RAM with a 64Mb Geforce MX APG.

Build time 12 months.

The very nice sky box is by Kell

Plants are by Natestah

Big thanks to Eyeronik and Ominx32. 

Ydnar for his very nice toy: Q3map2 

& Hr'O for Toolz.

Can't forget my testers, Muffinman & Grizzlybear. Thanks guys.

Any problems please contact me at [email protected].
Any comments please post at  

Hope you like it and happy hunting.

Copyright Permissions.

ID, NERVE, GRAYMATER & ACTIVON. Original game rights
Original textures have been renamed and included within this file for numerous shader effects.

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional level.
Authors may NOT use my textures with out consent.

You may distribute this BSP through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

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