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This script calculates when the enemy will spawn, maintaining a running countdown to their next spawn time.


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This script calculates when the enemy will spawn, maintaining a running countdown to their next spawn time.

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-|TMildorf's RTCW Spawn Timer Config|-

-Unzip the h4xtimer folder to your RTCW/Main directory such that timer.cfg is found at:

		C:\ ... \Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main\h4xtimer\timer.cfg

-In-game exec h4xtimer/timer.cfg

-Find the map/team you are playing on using the kp_slash and * (Also keypad) keys. 
-The config is already configured so if you choose Beach/Axis, it will time for Allies, so pick YOUR team, not your opponent's.
-Slash is previous and * is next.
-When you have chosen a map/team combination, hit kp_minus to load the config for that combination
-When you see your opponent's spawn, look in the left hand corner to see what the exact time is, and push the corresponding numbers on your keypad
 EXAMPLE: If you see your opponent's spawn and your time reads "AB:CD", type A, then B, C and then D. After A and B are entered, another config should be loaded.
-When you load the timer in-game, a more detailed explanation will appear in the console.
 NOTE: If you accidentally type the wrong number, re-exec h4xtimer/timer.cfg, and retry.

[email protected] if you have any questions/comments

-Hehe, it's a complete search that indexes over 3000 possibilities (3 different spawn rates * over 1000 seconds in 20 minutes), which meant I'd need over 3000 cvars to accept all possibilities. Unfortunately, WolfMP.exe experiences a "Recursive Error" when you exceed MAX_CVARS which is somewhere around 1000. I had to design this so that while it covered all possibilities, it did not generate thousands of CVARS. I figured a tree structure would enable recycling of cvars (all of the ??_??.cfg files use the same cvars, go see for yourself). I packaged it up into three separate files (one for each respawn rate) each exceeding 250 KB. Unfortunately, another WolfMP.exe error "Cbuf_InsertText overflowed" occurs for files that exceed the buffer's limit, somewhere around 16KB. I broke the enormous text files into smaller bitesize pieces, each under 16KB, forcing the number of files to grow large.
-Of the end product, each ??_??.cfg file was made through the implementation of Borland TC++ 3.0 for DOS compiler (You didn't think I did typed them by hand... or did you?) Timer.cfg is a modified version of Scheme's Spawn Script that has been redesigned to work with a more thorough script. The template for the three different cases of ??_second.cfg was also generated through running GetMin.cpp on Borland TC++ 3.0 for DOS, and was then manipulated to form 40_second.cfg, 35_second.cfg, and 30_second.cfg.
-Building a toy like this has familiarized me well with Wolf Console scripting and some of the flaws in the coding of WolfMP.exe. You should look through the .cfg files to get some additional insight on writing WolfMP scripts.

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