Special Edition Map Pack

NOTE: A patch has been released for this map pack.

There are four maps included in this pack:

Mitchell Down (se_mitchelldown) The Bun...


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NOTE: A patch has been released for this map pack.

There are four maps included in this pack:

Mitchell Down (se_mitchelldown) The Bunker (se_bunker) Airstrip (se_airstrip) Mountain Assault (se_mtn_assault)

"You may recognize these names, but rest assured these are not the same maps you had previously installed. Each map has been tweaked for performance and gameplay. Airstrip and the Bunker have been totally redesigned and bear little resemblence to the originals. These maps are not meant to replace the original maps either, rather they should be looked at as entirely new maps. We hope that this map pack revives interest in custom maps and in the game itself. This pack includes the first 4 missions in the Special Edition series and there will be expansion maps added in the future. These maps are intended to be played in order to follow the storyline." Rummie and Nib have taken their now classic maps and reworked them into streamlined more fps and gameplayer friendly and exciting versions. Dividing their 2 maps and interchanging the stories to meet the following mappers work is a first for RtCW,a total of 4..hopefully more mappers can combine efforts and continue to bring us more story driven linked maps. **** Det Pak

They have arrived. It seemed like only yesterday I heard rumors of a "special edition" of the nib and rummie maps. I was excited at the idea itself but the outcome blows my first concepts of it away. The maps are really remade to look real, most of these maps are the most realistic looking maps on RTCW to date. Nib's Bunker map has been redesigned to some extent to make it one of the funnest maps i have played. Nib and Rummie definately have spent a long time on this map pak but i think the wait was worth it. Airstrip and Bunker are probably my favorites of the maps, but all of them look remastered to their ultimate perfection. And also a nice tip about the maps is the mappers like to play on them, so you might see Rummie running at you with a grenade. I rank this map pak as one if not the greatest map pak for RTCW to date. GOTY competes with it but this one is really good and shows the maximum of RTCW. Good work Nib and Rummie, Keep it up!

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-

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Download 'mp_se_pak.zip' (29.72MB)

*****SE READ ME******

Thank you for downloading the Special Edition Map Pack by Nib and Rummie. 

**** For all read me information, wallpapers, and up to date news please go to the following URL:



Special Edition Airstrip and Mitchell Down 
by Chris Witherell aka Rummie

Special Edition Bunker and Mountain Assault 
by Zach Wells aka nib

Special Thanks to Det Pak for sound engineering.

The following people/communities helped create this map pack through play testing, suggestions, and technical help.  Thank you very much, you all contributed a lot to this pack.

Grey Matter, Nerve and id software for making the best FPS of 2001 and perhaps of all time 
Timelord Server 
Tram Design 
All the folks on the Tram Design Forums 
Planet Wolfenstein 
Planet Pointy 
All the folks at #q3map 
Beta Testers: 
Dr. Who, SpacemanSpiff, Will, WikingTOR, Mael, ApocalypseCow, HMAN, umeremortals, Gearbolt, The_Spear, theKapn, BOOTSAUCE, SnowTrooper, Stirl, The_Gimp, WolfX, NO_Raptor, Urza_Soltan, techtonic, Team_Playa, ifurita, slowdemise, roboninja , riffmaster, Shattenman, Gear853, 56SomeDudeCRO, Batman, Morcalivan7, B|o-Hazzard, Hogtrain, MurderJunky, Platez, phantom44, Vaporizer,  Oasis, Brocktree, Tunnleram, Demonspawn, Kloid, and Halister for testing

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