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Title: Stalingrad Demo Author(s): Vov...


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Title: Stalingrad Demo Author(s): Vovstein Release Date: 2002 Creation Date : -.- Email Address: [email protected] Home Page: -.- Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Single Player

* Construction *

Map base: New Map Custom textures : -.- Custom sounds : Boom.wav, Flyby.wav, and Underground.wav by Vovstein Custom models used: Some Models by Vovstein Editors used: -.- Other utilities used : -.- Known bugs: none

* Installation Information and how to play *

- Unzip to your C:\Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder where C = the drive you installed RTCW on. - Play using the shortcut. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an excellent game idealized by Gray Matter Studios INC, using the engine of the game Quake III's ID Software. Unhappily few mappers were interested in doing Mods or maps (Single Player), to give continuity the saga of the hero B.J. Blazkowicz.

Enjoy and thank you.


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