Stalingrad - SP Mission



This version fixed by Vicpas has only 141 MB (before: 528 MB). The menu is now in english. . . . .

Story: This addon is based on real historical events which took place during the World War II battle for Stalingrad (Now known as Volgograd). A troop of 57th infantry division stayed behind in the city after the Germans had tkaen it over. A few soldiers led by Gennady Lukovoi continued to deliver diversional strikes in the city and nearbyvillages which was very damamging to the German military machine.

After a few months Lukovoi was captured by Germans. He was liberated in 1945 by Soviet troops, but charged with being a traitor in 1947. He was executed by shooting on November, 12, 1947.



Prepare for battle in Stalingrad! 
- 10 Levels
- Scripted Events
- Cutscenes
- Hard Enemys
- NPC Comrades 

Note about the Special Version:
This was kindly created by Vicpas, author of The Fortress. It contains all the essential files with all extraneous data removed. It also requires a full copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein installed to work. All menu screens are in English. It is suggested that you play this addon with the video option: Lightning: Vertex(low). This should make the maps clearer.

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