* Story Line *

Briefing by Gen.'The Pirate' McFarlane-Smithers:

You are on loan to the S.O.E. - Special Organisation Executive - which operates in occupied Denmark. Your task is to break into the Hansted fortress. This enormous gun site, along with its counterpart in Kristianssand in Norway, blocks all allied attempts to enter Skagerak and the Baltic.

In Oslo Fjord a small group of Commando soldiers, carrying vital information concerning secret German research, are on their way south - towards the huge cannons of Hansted !

The local resistance group have dug into one of the bunker system's sewers. Use this as your entry point.

Enter the site, and render cannons, flak and radio/radar systems inoperable - at least for a few hours. Cause chaos and disruption, but above all, remain alive until the cannon are disabled.

It's tough, son, but after the cannon are disabled, you are expendable. We have no means of getting you out. Your survival depends entirely on your own skills.

Good luck, Soldier!

* Play Information *

Map #: The first, obviously... Single Player: Yes Cooperative 2-4 Player : No Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No

New Sounds: Yes. Some ratty comments. New Graphics: No, the game is amply supplied... New Music: do. Demos Replaced: None. Work it out for yourself :)

To play, dump the 'start.pk3' file in your ./wolfenstein/main directory. Crank the game up, pull a terminal and write:

/spdevmap start

And the game should be rolling...



Title                   : The start...

Date			: 24th June 2003

Filenames               : start.pk3 and start.txt

Author                  : Kim 'The Pirate' Christensen
			  Sonderborg, Denmark

Email Address           : [email protected]

Misc. Author Info       : Fat, stupid male well over 40... Phew...
			  Author of 'The RtCW beginners AI scripting HOWTO'

Description             : Small single player map for Return to Castle Wolfen-
			  stein'. Supposed to be the start of a series.
			  Not very difficult.

Additional Credits to   : ID & partners, of course - devilish good game!

			  The GtkRadiant development team.

			  My wife and kid - for putting up with me...

			  All my fellow mappers on the PlanetWolfenstein
			  mapping forum.

			  Linus, Richard, and all the other hackers who 
			  created GNU/Linux, and gave it away to us.

* Construction *

Base                    : Inspiration from Hitler's 'Western Wall'. But pure
			  imagination. This bunker does not exist.

Editor(s) used          : GtkRadiant 1.2.1 trough 1.3.7

Hardware		: P2/350 Mhz, 320 Mb Ram and a Voodoo Banshee graphics
			  card, running Mandrake Linux 9.0

Known Bugs              : Bugs Bunny ?

* Copyright / Permissions * 

Please consider this GPL ( http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html ).
In short - loan, steal and borrow what you like from this map - just give me
credit for it... I'll accept cash, too ;)

* Where to get this map *

For now, at the english section of my homepage, http://pirat.snotboble.net/
* Important Notes *

This map contains bits, pieces and knowledge provided by my fellow mappers at
PlanetWolfenstein.com's mapping forum (no particular order):


And possibly quite a few more... I can't remember all the names. Without you,
your advice, flames and legpulling i would never have finished this map. Or, 
in some cases, it could have been a lot easier ;)

...And a last minute rescue by Tunnleram, www.PlanetWolfenstein.com/Tramdesign/

* Not So Important Notes *

This map is the first i have released for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

The real map i wanted to create was a model of the Hansted Fortress - the 
giant cannon site in Northwest Jutland, Denmark. So far, i haven't made one 
single small Hansted bunker. Here is the entry level to the fortress - an 
utterly imaginary power station.
I just hope it has the "look'n feel" of a real bunker to you.

At least it feels real to me. I still remember the excitement, when as a kid i
explored the forbidden old bunkers... The fear, when i had to feel my way out
when my torch broke... The 'discussion' with my dad afterwards...

It was never meant to leave my computer - it was the 'Guineapig' map for the
mapping, scripting, AI handling etc. 
But somewhere along the line, it gained a life of its own. Right, baby, now 
you will fly... or go 'Kaplonk' on the ground....

Have fun -
Kim 'The Pirate' Christensen

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