Stellars Doom

This is one strange map! Dungeons, hovering platforms, and a floating pyramid!

"The Axis are trying to steal the Ritual Scroll, and compl...


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This is one strange map! Dungeons, hovering platforms, and a floating pyramid!

"The Axis are trying to steal the Ritual Scroll, and complete a ritual that will make them virually indestructable. The ALLIES have to defend the scroll at all cost."

This map is quite differnet. The map looks like a pyramid and a loud shock sound all around, and some doorsand no lightmaping and alot of Wolf3D like textures. This map has a strange design and uses weird objects (some are objectives from previous maps like mp_keep) and other things, but some of the stranges things some to play when u spawn by a huge yellow beam....and guess what that beam does, well all i can say is it isnt pretty. The beam rips you apart faster than you can say "chalupa". Then the objective, wow, all i can say is creepy. Its a rotating box with some walls around it that u can walk threw, and then at the top is a hole that shoots out this really loud electric shot. The electric shot is probably the best thing in the map. The objective is an open book. Well basically, the map design isnt to great, the map textures arnt good either, and the map sound gave me a headache. Some stuff is just strange and confusing. This map is ok but i definately think it could be better.

Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-

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Download '' (6.78MB)

this is my 1st map, so be nice all :): i compiled it with BSP only to get even lighting throughout map
(lighting it right is a bitch, but it still looks good) ENJOY :)

Extract files to C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main


The AXIS Supernatural Officer Corps, after months of research, have learned of an ancient ruin that contains an artifact of great power. The Ritual Scroll once read at the Temple Alter will bestow great power upon the group that completes the ritual. Luckily the ALLIES found out the plan in time. Through intelligence sources, and a few ALLIED lives, have learned the location of the ruins, and have sent a team in to protect the Scroll, and prevent the AXIS from completing the ritual, and possibly winning the war.

Playtesters debug team:

Thanks go out to Hashcake for all his help. Thanks Bro!

Thanks to Bubba's tutorials, it helped immensely

Textures sunmosaic, DArkOrnament,SkullsDirt,StoneXDesign,StoneDesign, ArchSkullBars, are © Copyright 2000 and Scott Braut, and are used by permission only. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a map, skin, 3D project or level design must obtain them from and use this credit. These Textures are not to be modified or distributed individually in any form unless part of this project. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a commercial project may obtain permission through Texture Universe.

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