Stolen Artifact RTCW - SP



Title: Stolen Artifact Filename: sp_art.pk3 Maps: art1 - complete art2 - incomplete art3 - not included Author: Rand Phares (grayman) E-mail: [email protected] Description: Single player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This map is intended to be the first of three.

Special thanks to: Folks on the Tram Forum for answering my newbie quesions.


1) Place the sp_art directory and contents in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein directory (i.e. /../RTCW/sp_art) 2) Run the file sp_art/sp_art.bat.


The Germans have increased their activity in the area of Castle Steingut, blocking the normal mountain passes and repairing an old tunnel network. Our intelligence sources have come up blank on why the Germans are there. But what interests them, interests us.

Your objectives are to learn what the Germans are up to, and, if necessary, find a way into the castle. Retrieve any items of interest for study in London, of course.

Partisans in the nearby village will sneak you into the tunnels, after which you're on your own.

Single Player: Yes Multiplayer: No Bot Support: N/A New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes

Build Time: 2 months Compile Machine: PII 450mhz with 128mb RAM Compile Time: 30 minutes (-light -extra) Base: New map from scratch Editor(s) used: GtkRadiant 1.2.11 Crimson Editor 3.40 Paint Shop Pro 7.0 Cool Edit 2000 1.1


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