Street Fighting Man

First thing you will notice as you open this zip file is that there is a PK3 for a music patch. Personally I didn't notice any difference wi...


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First thing you will notice as you open this zip file is that there is a PK3 for a music patch. Personally I didn't notice any difference with the sound so at the end I just took it out of my /main folder anyway.

I spawned in the allied spawn point (gasp!). Fairly uninteresting. Some pictures up on the wall, looks like something my grandmother kept in her house.

I jumped out the window to explore this dreary looking town. It was boring really. Buildings all looked the same and you couldn't enter them.

It was an okay map. The sound patch is completely useless, as is playing this with more then 15 people, its not that big and many people can just become annoying.

Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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*            README                 *
Street Fighting Man

by Kory Keith aka theKapn
Street Fighting Man is my first map of any kind ever (so be kind when you're reviewing it!!) and I would like to give thanks to all of the people at and

with special thanks to ChuxterOfDoom, SCDS_reyalP, Nib and Hummer.

*** Installation     ***
Extract the .pk3 files to your Wolf/Main directory - nothing more to it!
***                  ***

*** Map Description  ***
The Allies have discovered a small town separated by a river, in which the Axis have been using as an intelligence base. Allied intelligence has reported that a code book for the Enigma machine is somewhere in the town.

The mission for the Allies is to steal the Enigma code book and transmit its contents back to Allied Intelligence. Since the Axis will change the codes once it is discovered that one of the code books is compromised, there is limited time to accomplish this mission. If Axis Intelligence gets wind of the Allied mission, the codes will be changed and the mission will be a failure.

Army Engineers have determined that the main bridge leading into town is weak. As it is the fastest way in and out of town, the Allies must protect it. If the Axis succeed in destroying the bridge, the mission will take longer and the risk of failure will grow considerably.

There are two radios located in the town, one is on the Axis side of the bridge. As the Enigma code book is highly coveted by both sides, the Axis may attempt to destroy the transmitter that is on their side of the bridge. If this happens, the Allies must cross the river back to the Allied side to use the other transmitter. Transmitting the code book on the Axis sidewill be the fastest way to accomplish the mission, so it is important for the Allies to protect the Primary Transmitter.
***                   ***

*** Allied Objectives ***
Primary   - Steal the Enigma code book
Primary   - Transmit its contents back to Allied Intelligence
Secondary - Protect the Primary Allied Transmitter
Secondary - Protect the Main Bridge
Secondary - Capture the schoolhouse to use for reinforcement deployment
***                   ***

*** Axis Objectives   ***
Primary   - Protect the Enigma code book
Primary   - Prevent the Allies from transmitting the codes
Secondary - Destroy the Primary Allied Transmitter
Secondary - Destroy the Main Bridge
Secondary - Capture the schoolhouse so that Allied reinforcements cannot deploy here
***                   ***

*** Features          ***
This map has an explodable bridge that breaks in half and sinks into the water when blown up (done with brushes and script_mover)

The map objectives are somewhat dynamic. The Allies can transmit at two places, but the Axis can destroy one of the two radios, making life harder for them.

The sewer gratings are explodable with grenades now as opposed to dyno to open things up a bit.

I've used fogclip and fogged the sky to help with the r_speeds - hopefully it won't bog down anyone's system too much.

I've made it so that the "theme music" that plays in the game can be disabled on the client side very easily. If the music is not to your liking, or after a while you're tired of hearing it, simply delete the mp_streets_music.pk3 file from your Wolf/Main folder and be done with it.

*** Stuff to do if you're bored of playing the map ***
- Just go near the Allied Secondary Radio and listen to the music if you like.

- In the schoolhouse, on the first floor see how many chairs you can blow up with a single grenade - I've gotten them all  but only once!

- Try to make the jump from window to window going from the narrow building next to the Enigma building into the Enigma building on the 2nd floor.
***                                                ***
Developed using GTK-Radiant 1.2.4-nightly
Compile using GTK-Radiant 1.2.4-nightly q3map and WolfRadiant's q3map (for fogclip)
Compile time - Just under two hours

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